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Get a Sneak Peek of Jenny Craig’s New Reality Series, “My Full Plate” – Meet Catie and James!

By Elisa - Jenny Craig

Catie, 30, and James, 33, lead crazy busy lives. Between raising two daughters and working full-time jobs, their health often takes a backseat. But when Catie was asked to be the maid of honor in her sister’s wedding, she realized she wouldn’t feel confident unless she started to make some changes. So Catie and James have joined Jenny Craig, with the goal to look and feel great — just in time for the wedding. You can follow their journey starting April 19.


We sat down with Catie and James to learn a little more about their motivation for joining Jenny Craig and the goals that they’ve set for themselves.



FullPlate_Block.pngWhy Jenny Craig?

Catie: The initial decision to join Jenny Craig stemmed from being asked to be my sister’s maid of honor. I want to look and feel my best standing next to her on her special day. We were not happy with our appearances at our own wedding, and we’d really like to feel differently at my sister’s.  

What are the goals you hope to achieve by following the Jenny Craig program?

Catie: The main goal is to lose weight! But beyond that, I think we’re just ready to feel good in our own skin again. It’s honestly not about fitting into a certain pair of jeans or seeing a specific number on the scale. I just want to feel confident — and happy.


James: I agree with Catie. Besides losing weight for the wedding, our other long-term goal is to be healthy for our daughters — we want them to grow up with positive body images, and we need to set that example. 

What are both of your biggest hurdles when it comes to weight loss?

Catie: The day that I became a mother was the day that I no longer put myself first. My priorities shifted to taking care of my family and raising my two daughters. My struggle is taking care of myself — to make the time for self-care and prioritize my health. I’ve come to the realization that doing things for myself doesn’t make me a selfish parent, but a better one. I will be a much better mother and wife if I feel confident and happy! 


James: Stress! My job as an electrician can often be stressful. The last thing I want to do when I get home from a tiring day is to cook a healthy meal — it’s so much easier to order pizza!

Catie, you’ve done Jenny Craig before, what was your experience like?

My initial experience with Jenny Craig was awesome. The consultants were very supportive and helped me reach my goal. I looked forward to my weekly meeting, and it was great to have someone hold me accountable. After a month of doing Jenny Craig, I had found myself again. I was happy, confident and felt like my old self. I convinced myself that I would be able to maintain the weight that I had lost and stopped the program after a month, right before Christmas. Without the support of my Jenny Craig consultant, and a solid meal plan in place, I eventually went back to my old habits. I stopped the program before learning all the tools I needed to maintain my new habits on my own. This time, I am ready to make a change for good! 

James, have you ever tried a weight loss program before? 

Yes, I have. Catie and I both tried another program — we drank a lot of protein shakes. Although I lost weight, I felt hungry all the time. The program was not practical for our lifestyles. Ultimately, it wasn’t sustainable, and I gained the weight back.  

Are there any reservations you had before joining Jenny Craig? What advice would you give to others who may be on the fence?  

Catie: At first the cost of the program seemed expensive, but when we sat down and added up the money we were spending each week on groceries, take-out and dining out, the cost of Jenny Craig was actually less per week than what we were spending! When it comes down to it, you can’t really put a price on your health.  

James: We were also hesitant about how effective the program would be. There are hundreds of diet plans, companies, and programs that seem to advertise the same thing. But with Jenny Craig, they actually have studies that show they work, and you can choose the plan that suits your life and ultimate goal. To me, that was a game changer. 

What’s the best part about doing the program together?

James: Doing the program together has made this experience so much more enjoyable and in some ways easier. We support each other and help each other stay on track. It is easier to follow the meal plan when you are both eating similar things. It’s fun and exciting to share our weight loss with each other every week. We keep each other motivated! 

What do you love about Jenny Craig so far?

Catie: The thing I love most about Jenny Craig is the convenience. I don’t have to worry about meal prep or cooking additional meals for James and me. All of the meals are provided for me. All I have to do is follow the cooking instructions and eat! 

I also love going to the center once a week. When you go and weigh in with someone, you have a sense of accountability for yourself and your actions. When you weigh yourself at home, it’s easy to make excuses if you’re not seeing results. The consultants help keep you on track and give you great advice to help you reach your goals.

Want more?

Follow Catie and James as they tackle losing weight together on “My Full Plate Series.” Watch a sneak peek and make sure to follow along weekly to find out what happens next!


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Edited by Elisa - Jenny Craig

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