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Simple Ways to Re-ignite Your Inspiration

By Jenny Craig

It’s important to find moments that commit you to the reason why you’re losing weight in the first place, especially when you’re finding yourself unmotivated.


You may have heard the travel saying, “It’s not about the destination, but about the journey.” Weight loss is results-oriented and we all love seeing the results every week to keep us motivated.


However, weight loss is about getting to know yourself—and your body—as you go through a lifestyle change. And when change comes into play, you should keep your sources of inspiration nearby as weight loss isn’t always a straight road.


Inspiration can come up in the most surprising ways, and here are simple ways to re-ignite your motivation to keep you going.

Big Picture

Focus on your “why.” As mentioned above, make sure the reason why you’re wanting to lose weight is clear. Write it down somewhere where you can read it every day to motivate you.

Keep a weight loss journal. Write about your experience and feelings, and keep track of sources of inspiration. You can then look back on where you started, and discover how far you’ve come!

Use your social network. You have support all around you, and can choose how to use it to your motivational advantage. Whether it’s talking to friends and family or posting progress photos on social media, you’ll discover a group of cheerleaders to keep you going.

Self-care. Sometimes life can come in with something that may throw your planning out the window. This is where you have to remember that you are human, and life happens. Try and plan for stressors or those moments where you do go off plan, and re-commit to your future decisions and reactions.

Small Wins

You have many opportunities to focus on goals outside of your scale. We like to call these “small wins,” and when you think about all the times this has happened to you, it can help put your journey into perspective and show that you’re making progress!


Turning down a fattening food. Did your friend offer you a piece of cake, or are you at a potluck that is full of fries, nachos and cookies? You have all the tools to turn it down politely—and give yourself a high five for doing so.


Going on a longer walk. Getting your body moving is a great way to clear your head and feel powerful, and one activity that is great for both is walking. Not only is it free, walking can be done at a leisurely pace or quickly during a break at work. You can increase your distance gradually, or even go for different elevations—either way, it’s a way to track your journey and feel great as you are literally going the distance.

Trying out a new veggie. Adventure is out there, and available to you via your local grocery store. Trying out a new veggie, like artichokes or cauliflower, allow you to experiment in your kitchen and discover how enjoyable it is to try something new.

Looser pants. One of the easiest ways to track progress outside of weight is the sensation of recognizing that your clothes are no longer fitting you. Plus, it offers a chance to reward yourself with new items that can transition with you while you’re losing weight.

When you re-ignite your inspiration, you can find ways to seize opportunities and moments that have been in front of you all along. We’re inspired by your weight loss journey and are always happy to share other moments of inspiration with you as we cheer you on.




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Jenny Craig is a great weight loss program. I decided that 2017 was going to be the year of Judy. I had broken my shoulder in 2016 and inactivity along with a long healing had added many pounds. I signed up and began a new weight losz journey. With my weekly counselers encouragement, I began to loss weight. If was wonderful to slowly see results. I have lost a total of 20 pounds. I feel more self-assured, more self confident and healed. Thank you Jenny Craig and the wonderful team that works there. As people age age and their needs change, the feelings of self -worth and self confidence are still very much needed. Thanks to Jenny Craig, I got “me” back! I’m still on my healing journey. Judy

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