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Shiella K. Lost 16 lbs.* and Feels Like Herself Again

By Elisa - Jenny Craig

*Shiella lost 16 pounds on Rapid Results in 28 weeks. Received promotional consideration.



“My best friend joined Jenny Craig and she inspired me to join, too.”

I’ve been a loyal Jenny Craig member for years. The program faithfully helped me shed my unwanted pounds when I needed to lose my college “freshman 15,” prepare for my wedding, and after the birth of my two children. I initially joined Jenny Craig when my best friend was struggling with her weight. She joined Jenny Craig and her success inspired me to join, too! This is when I first realized that having a positive support system could help me lose weight more successfully. Not only did my friend and I support each other, but at Jenny Craig, we received one-on-one support from a personal consultant who educated and encouraged us throughout our entire journey. I found Jenny Craig to be a no judgment zone, and I love that with every milestone that sent me back to Jenny Craig for a tune-up, my consultant was always there with open arms and ready to help me get back on track. 




“I wanted to get to a weight that would help me feel like ME again.”

Another milestone helped motivate me to return to Jenny Craig: My husband and I will soon be celebrating 10 years of marriage, and I wanted nothing more than to fit into my wedding gown for an anniversary photo shoot! It was important for me to get to a weight that would help me feel like ME again. 


I saw the Jenny Craig Rapid Results commercials and was excited to try their newest program. It’s designed to work with my body’s circadian rhythm, a 24-hour natural cycle that happens every day and night. I ate all my meals and snacks during the first 12 hours, which Jenny Craig calls the “nourishment period.” For the next 12 hours, I let my body rest during the “rejuvenation period,” which occurs mostly at night, during sleep. Since I enjoyed all my meals within the first half of the day, my body had more time to rest and recover in the evening.


I loved the routine of the Rapid Results plan and knew exactly what I needed to eat at different times of the day. The prepared meals and helpful menus saved me lots of time. At work, instead of spending time going out to eat for lunch, I would squeeze in some extra activity after eating my Jenny Craig meal. 


The weekly consultations with my consultant were so helpful! She gave me great tips and encouragement, kept me aware of my food choices by having me track my meals on my menus, and she could relate to my needs as a busy mom with a career, because she was one, too.



“I’m thankful to the Jenny Craig program for always being there when I need it.” 

I lost 16 lbs.* on Rapid Results and love the way I look and feel! Before this journey, I lived in leggings. Now, I’ve entered a new era of my life that I like to call “Life after Leggings.”

I am excited to be wearing jeans again and love shopping for my favorite styles! 


I’m thankful to the Jenny Craig program for always being there when I need it – let’s face it, life does happen – and I am a foodie! The program helped me to lose my extra pounds, and promotes healthy lifestyle habits that empower me to keep them off. I value taking care of my body to be a better role model for my two children. I want to show them the importance of being well and taking care of their health. 

I hope my success story inspires others, the way my friend inspired me. Not only have I lost the weight, I feel great, energized and find myself smiling so much more!


Feeling inspired by Shiella’s story? Book a free appointment with a personal consultant to start working toward your own health goals! 



*Shiella lost 16 pounds on Rapid Results in 28 weeks. Received promotional consideration.

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We would be happy to help! Give our team a call at 866-706-4042 for more information. 

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