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Member Karen J. Lost 50* Lbs. and Was Featured in Health Magazine!

By Jenny Craig

*Results not typical. Members following our program, on average, lose 1-2 lbs. per week

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*Results not typical. Members following our program, on average, lose 1-2 lbs. per week


In her own words:


My name is Karen and I am a 45-year-old single mom, former professional athlete and current business owner of an indoor training center. I have battled my weight for years trying different diets and workout programs. My knowledge of nutrition and exercise is vast; however I still struggled to maintain a healthy weight. In November of 2015, I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and placed on medication. This medication increased my struggle to lose weight.  When I reached an all-time high of around 224 lbs., I decided that enough was enough. I had tried diets consisting of powdered foods, prepping my own meals, doing intense exercise, and counting points, but I was never able to reach my goals or felt that maintaining a healthy lifestyle was possible.  


The journey: My mom and I made a pact to get healthy, so we signed up for Jenny Craig. Since my mom retired, she had gained weight and was pre-diabetic so it was equally important for her to change her lifestyle. Joining together helped us stay motivated, accountable, and brought us closer together. This journey has been fun and surprisingly easy! The variety and taste of the food is amazing. The structure of the program, the weekly consultations, having a personal consultant, and planning ahead, set us up for success. I never felt deprived or that I was missing out. We would plan our food around our life including travel, holidays and family parties. It was great to be paired with a consultant who helped us every step of the way.  My consultant, Belen, has impacted my journey through encouragement, accountability and proactive planning. She encourages me by celebrating my milestones when I reached my goals. Her enthusiasm and structure help me focus on maintaining healthy behaviors. Our weekly consultations keep me accountable by tracking the previous week and planning for the upcoming week. I’ve avoided pitfalls by using this strategy for life events such as family parties, weddings and travel. She is a huge part of my success on this journey!


Transformation: I'm a better role model to my daughter, showing her how to make wise choices for herself by making better choices for her when I prepare her meals. My mom and I reached our original goal weights, which we set high, not believing at the time that we could do it. This program proved us wrong and now we have the confidence to achieve new goals we set for ourselves.


My 50 lb.* weight loss has impacted my life for the better. Currently, I am no longer on the arthritis medication and move around during the day with less pain in my joints. My energy level has increased and my overall desire to be active is greater than I can ever remember! My self-esteem and confidence has increased. I no longer stress about trying to find clothes that fit or hide my body. I was even motivated to become a Jenny Craig consultant to inspire and motivate others in their weight loss journey, and was just featured in the December 2017 issue of Health Magazine for my weight loss success!*  I now have a renewed peace of mind and feel this program has completely altered my approach to food and exercise.


*Results not typical. Members following our program, on average, lose 1-2 lbs. per week.

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