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How Margaret and Steve W., Retired Veterans, Lost Almost 100 lbs.* Together

By Stephanie E - Jenny Craig

*Weight lost on Classic Program. Members following our program, on average, lose 1-2 lbs. per week. Margaret and Steve received promotional consideration. Margaret's weight loss as of September 2019. Steve's weight loss as of November 2019. 


Margaret, start weight 202 lbs. Current Weight 163 lbs. Weight loss 39 lbs.*

Steve, start weight 302 lbs. Current weight 249 lbs. Weight loss 53 lbs.*

Margaret and Steve W. joined Jenny Craig in their 40s to lose weight, but slowly regained the weight after raising three children and retiring from the Navy. Uncomfortable with the way they felt and unable to do all the activities they once enjoyed, Margaret and Steve rejoined Jenny Craig and lost almost 100 lbs.* together!


Their incredible story was featured in Family Circle. Here’s how losing weight as a team made all the difference.


woman and man smiling wearing navy uniforms



“It was time for a change.”

Steve and I did not have weight problems until we reached our 40s. We were both high school and college athletes and stayed within Navy physical fitness standards. Our love of Jenny Craig started at age 40 when our weight crept up. We had just moved as a military couple from Adak, Alaska to our new duty stations in Hawaii. We felt uncomfortable and were very overweight. We joined Jenny Craig together and successfully lost our excess weight. We became more active and started running a race a month, from 5Ks to the Honolulu Marathon, in four years. 

Fast forward 25 years. We retired from the Navy, adopted and raised three children, and grew older and more sedentary. Over the years, we were constantly busy with lots of scouting adventures and other activities with our kids, leaving little time for ourselves. Our weight crept up on us again. With our children now in college or working, we looked in the mirror and saw a big Momma and Bubba. It was time for a change. I didn’t want to buy larger clothes and Steve had a medical situation that scared us both. Jenny Craig had helped us before, and we were confident it could help us again. 

Together, we started our new weight loss journey back to looking good and being healthy again.


“We were focused, determined and had support from each other and our consultant.”

We set our weight loss goals for me to lose 25 lbs. and for Steve to lose 60. 

I jokingly said to our consultant Raysha, “Don’t expect me to wear a bikini if I lose all this weight!” 

We started Jenny Craig in the fall when the kids were away at college, when we could focus solely on our menu plans. We found we had more time together to do things we enjoyed because we didn’t have to make dinners, weigh food or figure out what size portion we could eat. The Jenny Craig meals were already nutritionally balanced and pre-portioned, so we just needed to add vegetables or a salad. 

While Steve had the greater weight loss at the start, I steadily lost all 25 lbs.,* hitting my first goal just after Christmas. I started walking with the ladies in the neighborhood five times a week. Steve had also lost 40 lbs. but still had 20 lbs. to go. I decided to support him by staying on the program and resetting my goal. With focus, determination and support from each other and our consultant, Steve successfully lost his remaining 20 lbs. and I ended up losing another 25 lbs. 


“We are loving life and all the compliments we get on our weight loss!”  

woman and man standing together outsideAt our final goals, Steve and I were each within five pounds of what we weighed 32 years ago, when we got married! We are older than most couples that have kids our age, and we want to be in great shape for any future grandchildren. Losing weight changed our lives. It was an incredible journey and we are proud of our success! 


Losing weight together has improved our emotional, physical and mental relationship. I walk daily, lowered my blood pressure and reduced the medications I take. Steve sleeps better, is more alert at work and able to do more hiking and walking. He has also started a weight training program


We are loving life and all the compliments we receive. We recently went to a neighborhood party and received numerous compliments on our appearance. One neighbor didn’t even recognize Steve. 


As we were leaving the party, one of our neighbors shouted, “When are you going to publish your secret diet?” 


We both giggled and said, “It’s already available … Jenny Craig!”


Our advice to other couples wanting to lose weight and look better is to do it together! The mutual support and effort you provide each other as a team can make the journey easier and increase your chances of success. And about that bikini … I wore it to the beach this summer!


Interested in beginning your weight loss journey with a friend, loved one or family member? We’re here for you, every step of the way! Get started with Jenny Craig by booking your appointment today.




*Weight lost on Classic Program. Members following our program, on average, lose 1-2 lbs. per week. Margaret and Steve received promotional consideration. Margaret's weight loss as of September 2019. Steve's weight loss as of November 2019. 

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