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Brittany B. Lost 25 lbs.* and Experienced Benefits Beyond the Scale

By Stephanie E - Jenny Craig

*Typical weight loss on the Rapid Results program is 11.6 pounds in the first four weeks and 1-2 pounds per week thereafter. Brittany lost 25 pounds on Rapid Results in 16 weeks. Member received promotional consideration.



“I was in denial about my weight until I saw photos of myself at my best friend’s wedding.”

Growing up, I was extremely athletic. I played every sport imaginable and did four years of varsity cheerleading in high school. I was always in shape, but that changed once I started college. Everyone jokes about the “Freshman 15,” but I learned firsthand: it’s a real thing! 

I would work out before or after class, but it was never as intense as the sports I grew up playing. Once I entered the real world, things really got out of hand. I received an amazing job offer and I worked long hours. The last thing I wanted to do when I got home was cook, so I would get fast food delivered to the office or I would pick it up on my way home. As the pounds piled on, I was in denial about my weight gain until I saw pictures of myself as the maid of honor at my best friend’s wedding. I was shocked by the way I looked. The person in the photos was not the person I saw in the mirror every day, but these pictures didn’t lie. I didn’t order any of the wedding photos for myself because I didn’t want any reminders of how I looked. This is when I knew I had to make a change. My mom had recently lost weight on Jenny Craig, and with her encouragement, I decided to give it a try.  



“My consultant was there for me, and it was nice to not feel judged.”


At Jenny Craig, I followed the Rapid Results menu plan and I loved it. Every day, I would eat my meals and snacks over a 12-hour period. This was followed by a 12-hour rest period. This plan aligned with my circadian rhythm, taking advantage of my body’s ability to burn fat and helped me to lose weight faster.1 The pre-planned menus were so convenient. They told me what meals to eat and when to eat them. There was absolutely no guesswork involved, and it didn’t hurt that the meals were delicious, too! For me, it could not get any easier than that! 

I also had my own personal consultant which made my weight loss journey much different from anything I’d ever tried. My consultant was there for me in the good times to celebrate milestones but more importantly, she was there during the challenging times. We would review what I did well each week and what I could improve on for next week. It was also nice to not feel judged. Every time I walked into my center, I was welcomed by the staff with open arms. 



“For me, losing weight is so much more than looking good!”


I lost 25 lbs.* on Jenny Craig, and I can honestly say that joining was a great decision. I have my confidence back, and I no longer feel tired all the time. Plus, my skin cleared up! I used to take medication and use prescription ointments from my dermatologist for my acne, but nothing worked. I couldn’t believe how my face cleared up soon after starting Jenny Craig. 

Before my weight loss, it was hard to keep up in spin class, which frustrated me because I’m very competitive. I now enjoy spin classes, and I even bought my own bike for my house. Since my weight loss, I can keep up with most of the class, which feels incredible. 

For me, losing weight is so much more than looking good. The mental benefits are just as important as the physical benefits. To the people who are struggling with losing weight, do not ever give up because the rewards are so worth it. I am proof that you can do it! I’ve also learned the importance of maintenance. Jenny Craig not only allowed me to lose weight, but it also taught me how to keep it off. I am now confident that I know how to nourish my body with the proper portions, and I am forever grateful for that.

Feeling inspired by Brittany’s story? Ready to reap the rewards of living a healthier lifestyle? Contact us to book a free appointment with a personal consultant to get started today.






[1] https://community.jennycraig.com/healthy-habits-blog/jenny-craig-news/circadian-rhythm-weight-loss-does-it-work-r191/


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