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Why Everyone Loves Radishes Right Now

By Jenny Craig

Food trends are fun to follow, as they’re a way to explore various ways that food can be prepared to bring out its flavor and versatility. We’ve highlighted gadgets like the air fryer and the many ways cauliflower can be used as a nutrient-rich substitute for carbs, and now it’s time to shine the spotlight on a small vegetable that packs a spicy punch: Radishes. Let’s find out why everyone loves radishes right now, and the various ways to enjoy them.






You’ll typically see radishes as small, bright pink bundles in the produce section of grocery store, but did you know that there are multiple varieties with different spice levels? Here’s a list of the variety of radishes you can choose from:

·         Watermelon Radishes: When cut, you’ll see patterns of pink and white, which makes for a stunning presentation.

·         Cherry Belle Radish: This is your standard supermarket radish.

·         French Breakfast Radish: The name alone sounds delicious! This variety is mostly oblong in shape with a white tip and roots.

·         Easter Egg Radish: These are more petite than Cherry Belles, but have a similar taste and texture. You’ll also see them in a variety of colors, like purple, white and crimson color.

·         Black Spanish Radish: The spiciest—and largest—radish of them all! You’ll see them with a black or brown skin.


Consumable from leaf to radish




You can even use the leaves and stems to make a quick salad, or sauté the greens into eggs or as a side dish with some ginger, garlic and shallots. 


Raw spice


When we say spicy, we don’t mean that the radishes will heat you up like a pepper. Rather, the radish has a bite that can be peppery or similar to horseradish, with a spicy tingle typically felt in your nose.


Raw preparations of radishes are very easy and fun, as you just have to wash the radish then slice or dice however thinly you’d like. You can use the watermelon radish for a bright, colorful salad, or some Cherry Belles on your Chicken Street Tacos to add some crunch. Black radishes and watermelon radishes are particularly delicious when pickled, which can lend itself to a salad or adding it on top of a sandwich or Turkey Burger.




When cooked, radishes lose their heat and become sweet with a slight kick. The French Breakfast radish is particularly delightful when roasted, but you can also roast Cherry Belles. You can add cooked radishes to your Turkey & Wild Rice to elevate a fall favorite, or complement the pecans in your Pecan Glazed Chicken, as radishes can be a touch nutty. You can also use an air fryer to lightly fry a radish to add a crispier component to a salad or other meal!


You always have options to add some spice to your culinary life, and now you have another Fresh & Free Addition to explore! And when you find a radish preparation or recipe you can’t get enough of, be sure to share it with your Jenny Craig Community.





Edited by Kari - Jenny Craig

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