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Vibrant Veggies That Are in Season

By Jenny Craig

With temperatures cooling down and trees changing from green to warmer colors, it’s a sign that fall is in the air. Crisp, chilly weather lends itself to warm side dishes, and the vegetables listed below are in season and ready for cooking.




Butternut squash. This orange-hued squash is rich in dietary fiber, vitamin A and potassium, which are important for heart health. Use a long knife to cut the stem and bottom of one off, then cut the squash into quarters. Season with a dash of olive oil, a pinch of salt, pepper and a pinch of cinnamon, then roast it in the oven for a delicious, slightly sweet side dish. You can also puree this same roasted squash to create a savory soup.

Cauliflower. Cauliflower has been gaining popularity in the food world, and fall is the perfect time to explore all of its culinary possibilities as it grows well in cooler climates. Cauliflower is full of nutrients, like vitamin C and riboflavin and thiamin, the latter two are  B vitamins that help with converting food into energy. Roast cauliflower with turmeric in the oven for a spiced side dish with a beautiful yellow color, or finely dice the stems/florets and sauté to create a vegetable substitute for rice.

Brussels Sprouts. Green leaves may slowly be falling from the trees, but they can still appear on your table with this flavorful vegetable. Brussels sprouts are another great fiber-rich option that also contains vitamin K, a factor is essential for normal blood clotting, vitamin B1, which helps support metabolic functions that aid in energy levels. You can roast or sauté Brussels sprouts, or even shave them into a salad.


Cabbage. Found in both green and red versions, cabbage is a European staple that is famously delicious in salads, slaws or even pickled to become sauerkraut. Cabbage not only serves as a filling side, it’s also a strong source of vitamins A, B and C – in fact, cabbage is often called “the poor man’s vitamin C” as this vegetable is both a rich and economical source of this key nutrient.


While many vegetables are available year-round, there is something special about taking advantage of vegetables that are in season and at the peak of ripeness and vitamin availability. Our Fresh & Free Additions list offers a wide array of unlimited vegetables that are low in starches, yet high in fiber and water content, allowing you to enjoy them in multiple ways with your Jenny Craig Menu.



Edited by Kari - Jenny Craig

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