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Eat Well

Eat Well

9 Healthy Low-Carb Snacks Worth Trying

Snacks. They get you through the 3 o’clock slump. They help to keep you satisfied in-between meals. And if they’re healthy — they’re a great way to support your weight loss goals. 

If you’re considering a low-carb diet and are wondering what kind of healthy low-carb snacks are best for weight loss — we’ve got a list of nine. Check them out!

Eat Well

Ask an R.D.: Are Artificial Sweeteners Bad for You?

Are you trying to reduce the amount of sugar in your diet to help support your weight loss and health goals? Wondering if artificial sweeteners are a good alternative or if they’re bad for you? 


We’ve got you covered. We tapped Jenny Craig’s Registered Dietitian, Briana Rodriquez, to help explain what the current research says about artificial sweeteners, how they might impact your weight loss journey, and healthy choices you can make to support your health.  


While sugar substitutes can either be synthetic or naturally derived, and referred to in numerous ways, we’ll refer to them simply as artificial sweeteners here. Remember to always consult your health care provider before making changes to your diet or starting a weight loss program.

Eat Well

7 Healthy Valentine’s Day Snacks & Tips to Cut Down on Sugar

When store shelves are lined with boxes of chocolate truffles and colorful candy hearts, where can you find healthy Valentine’s Day snacks? Whether you have a significant other or you’re treating the day like any other, Valentine’s Day sweets may be tough to avoid if you have weight loss in mind. 


Don’t worry — we’ve got strategies to keep your search for healthy Valentine’s Day snacks from ending in heartbreak! Get ready to fall in love with our favorite foods and check out our top tips to help you cut back on sugar.

Eat Well

7 Best Foods to Reduce Abdominal Fat for Men

You’ve spent hours at the gym and done so many crunches you’ve lost count, but you might feel like you haven’t made much progress with your weight loss — especially when it comes to your belly. What gives? 


Magazines boasting the “10 Best Exercises to Blast Belly Fat” are great and all, but they may not be addressing a key part of weight loss: Your diet. The good news is, you don’t need to spend an eternity on an ab machine. Your diet can play an important role in your efforts to lose weight, but knowing where to start is a great first step.


Watching your portion sizes and eating more nutritious foods could help you cut back on abdominal fat. And some, as it turns out, might be better at the job than others.

Eat Well

Test Your Keto IQ With This Quiz

How much do you really know about the science behind the keto diet? Take this short quiz to test your keto IQ!

Eat Well

The 14 Best and Worst Game Day Foods to Eat, According to an R.D.

Grab your jersey and get comfortable — it’s time to cheer on your favorite football team! Jenny Craig’s Registered Dietitian, Briana Rodriquez, shares her top picks for the best game day foods that are as delicious as they are nutritious. Stop feeling bogged down after the big game and give these healthy game day snacks a try — they’re perfect for sharing with your crew!

If you’re following the Jenny Craig program, we have great news: These easy game day appetizers are filled with plenty of Fresh & Free Additions. Check with your consultant before making any swaps or changes to your plan to stay on track!

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