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How to Naturally Increase Your Metabolism

By Elisa - Jenny Craig

When you’re trying to shed those extra pounds, you might find yourself wishing that you had a faster metabolism to help reach your weight loss goals. The web is filled with tips and tricks that promise to help jumpstart your metabolism, but it can be hard to separate weight loss fact from fiction.


To make things easier and help you learn how to boost your metabolism safely, we’ve compiled a list of natural metabolism boosters that have been proven to enhance your fat burning abilities.

#1. Get your protein in every meal

It might seem counterintuitive, but certain foods can increase your metabolism for a few hours after you eat them.1 Your body uses energy or calories to digest, absorb and process the nutrients in the foods you eat. This is known as the thermic effect of food (TEF).2


Metabolism_Protein.jpgWhen you eat a protein-rich meal, your metabolic rate increases by 15-30%.3 Other foods also cause your metabolism to rise, but not by as much. Carbohydrates can result in a metabolic increase of 5-10%, while fats only increase it by 0-3%.3


Protein packs another hidden benefit. It helps you feel full and satisfied which may prevent overeating.4 By including protein at each meal, you may be less likely to reach for calorie dense food later. Jenny Craig follows expert guidelines by balancing protein in each meal plan to 20-30% of the overall calories.


Eating more protein can also help prevent muscle loss, which is a common side effect of weight loss.5 Most people want to lose fat, not muscle, when following a weight loss program, so incorporating an adequate amount of protein into your routine is the perfect solution.

#2. Don’t Skimp on Sleep

You might think that rest isn’t an important part of your weight loss journey, but not getting enough sleep each night is a risk factor for obesity.6


Not only does sleep deprivation have a negative impact on your metabolism, but it’s also associated with high blood sugar levels and insulin resistance, which may increase your risk of developing type 2 diabetes.7


When you don’t get enough z’s, it can decrease the hormone that controls fullness (leptin) and increase the hormone associated with hunger (ghrelin).8 This can make it difficult for someone who is sleep deprived to reach their weight loss goals. So, next time you think about staying up for an extra hour, remember that a good night’s sleep can help your weight loss, not to mention help you function better the next day.

#3. Use Your Circadian Rhythm & Try a Daylight Nutrition Strategy

Time-restricted feeding, a type of intermittent fasting, is an innovative approach to weight loss. Instead of focusing on what to eat, time-restricted feeding shifts the focus on when to eat, mainly during daytime hours. When used in conjunction with your body’s natural clock, also known as your circadian rhythm, it can lead to expedited weight loss results.9


Metabolism_DaytimeEating.jpgWith time-restricted feeding or a daylight nutrition strategy, you limit when you eat to a certain number of hours each day, most likely when the sun is out. For example, you might only eat for a 12-hour period, between 7:00 a.m. and 7 p.m. The subsequent 12-hour time includes sleep and abstinence from food consumption.


Time-restricted feeding has a number of benefits. Some studies have found that this type of routine helps individuals reduce the number of calories they eat in a day.10 However, the kinds of food you eat still matter. Try opting for fresh vegetables, fruits, lean protein and healthy fats over processed or calorie-dense foods for the majority of your meals. 


A Daylight Nutrition Strategy and leveraging your body’s natural circadian rhythm is the science behind our new Rapid Results program. The program uses your circadian rhythm to help optimize metabolism and accelerate weight loss by burning calories when it’s most effective.

#4. Elevate Your Heart Rate

In conjunction with a nutritionally sound weight loss plan, incorporating exercise into your routine can aid in further weight loss. Health experts recommend 30 minutes of moderate-intensity activity five times per week in addition to muscle strengthening activity two times per week.  You don’t have to run a marathon or blast your way through a spin class to reach your activity goals. At Jenny Craig, you’ll learn strategies for building an active lifestyle. Your consultant will help you explore ways to add more movement into your daily regimen.

Metabolism & Weight Loss

Metabolism_Exercise.jpgWhile the above tips can help you boost your metabolism, it’s also important to keep in mind that your metabolism can change with weight loss as your body composition changes. Our Registered Dietitian, Janet Nash, shares the science behind weight loss and the effect on your metabolism.


Regardless of where you are in your weight loss journey, you can use these proven and natural tips to help supercharge your metabolism. These simple lifestyle changes are beneficial for your metabolism as well as your overall wellness.


Learn how to improve your health with a weight loss program that includes a science-based approach to achieving results. Contact Jenny Craig for a free appointment to get started.





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Edited by Elisa - Jenny Craig

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