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How To Stay Full Longer: Tips & Foods To Eat

By Jenny Craig

You’ve heard the saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. While of course you may have a preference for other meals (including snack time and dessert!), breakfast sets the tone for the rest of your day food-wise.

Your body goes the longest without food between dinner/dessert and breakfast, so when you wake up, you need to fuel your body with food that will provide energy to function. If you think coffee and a donut is the best breakfast because of its caffeine and sugar boost, realize that the rush is short-lived.


When you consider breakfast, Jenny Craig offers a variety of breakfast options, from Classic Waffles made with whole wheat and wheat bran to our Garden Vegetable Frittata with a mix of veggies, cheeses and garlic croutons for a savory treat.

When starting your day off with breakfast, how can you maintain feeling fuller longer? We have a few recommendations for breakfast and snacks, that will help fuel you until lunchtime.

Breakfast Strategies to Keep You Fuller Longer - Jenny Craig v2.jpg

Eat whole grains and/or protein-packed breakfasts.

Whole grains are filled with more nutrients and fiber than processed flours because of the full use of all three parts of the grain. Whole grains also digest slower, so you benefit from both a sense of fullness and the slow release of energy into your system.

Drink before you eat.

After breakfast, continue to hydrate, as hunger may actually be a sign of thirst. Water and carbonated water are natural to choose to quench thirst, but you may also include tea or coffee, or diet soda as midday options.

Have healthy snacks on hand.

Packing a snack box filled of options to keep you full throughout the day is a great tool for keeping you on track for your healthy goals. Bars that combine protein and fiber, like our Yogurt Dream Bar, are a healthy morning snack that can also help satisfy your sweet tooth. Another popular treat that is savory and sweet is the Kettle Corn, which is made of whole grain and high in fiber. Crunchy vegetables, like celery and carrots, give a great crunch, and can be paired with Classic Hummus & Wheat Crackers. If you’re looking for a mix of cream and crunch, eat some low-fat Greek yogurt for protein and pair it with cucumber slices sprinkled with lemon juice and pepper for a refreshing treat!

If you would like to discuss our amazing breakfast options in-person or over the phone, call 866-706-4042 or find a Jenny Craig center near you.







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