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4 Of The Worst Foods for Weight Loss

By Elisa - Jenny Craig

If the number on the scale isn’t budging, there may be a few foods and drinks that are undermining your weight loss goals. Added sugars, seemingly healthy snacks, and empty calories hidden in after work cocktails could be slowing down your progress. Read on to learn about four of the worst foods for weight loss.

1. GranolaWorstFoods_Granola.jpg

While it certainly sounds healthy, pouring yourself a bowl full of granola in the morning may not be the best way to wake up. While there are various types of granola, generally, this high-calorie cereal is usually low in fiber and high in sugar and can contain up to 600 calories in just one cup.1



Try This: Instead of filling up your breakfast bowl with granola, try enjoying a nonfat Greek yogurt sprinkled with fresh berries. If you want a similar crunch, sprinkle a few heart-healthy nuts, such as almonds or walnuts on top. The combination of protein and fiber will help you feel satisfied and may keep you from reaching for a snack shortly after breakfast.


Another great option: Jenny Craig Cranberry Almond Cereal. Featuring whole grain rolled oats and served in the perfect portion, you can still enjoy a crunchy cereal without the extra calories.


2. Dried FruitWorstFoods_DriedFruit.jpg

Your mom was right–you should eat your fruit and vegetables; however, you should also avoid snacking on dried fruit and stick to the fresh kind. Although dried fruit still contains most of the vitamins and nutrients found in its fresh counterpart, this snack is typically calorie-dense since all of the water is removed and can be packed with added sugar.2 A simple example: eating a grape vs. a raisin. Although they're the same fruit, eating a handful of grapes will likely fill you up quicker than the raisins. You'd have to eat more raisins to feel just as satiated. And since dried fruit can taste as sweet as candy, it can be easy to eat more than the recommended serving size.



Try This: Grab some watermelon, an apple or a handful of fresh berries when your sweet tooth calls. Not only will the fiber help fill you up, but the water content is a great way to help your body stay hydrated.3

3. SodaWorstFoods_Soda.jpg

It’s a habit that can be hard to kick–but soda can interfere with your weight loss goals. According to WebMD, the problem usually stems from excess consumption of the sugary beverage and how quickly the extra calories can add up.4 And while most of us know sodas aren’t great for our health, the average adult consumes around 145 calories a day from sugar-sweetened beverages, such as soda.5



Try This: If you can’t give up the bubbles, stock up on unsweetened flavored soda water, or make infused water with fresh fruit to add a light, sweet flavor.

4. AlcoholWorstFoods_Alcohol.jpg

Not only can excessive consumption of adult beverages damage your liver, heart, and immune system6, but that nightly glass of wine or a weekly happy hour with friends could also be impairing your weight loss goals. Alcoholic beverages can be chalk full of empty calories that can add up quickly, especially with the sugar-laden mixers most cocktails contain. The good news is that cutting out 250 calories worth of wine a night (subsequently eliminating nearly 2,000 calories each week), you could almost lose a pound without doing much else.6



Try This: Opt for flavored sparkling water or kombucha to enjoy something flavorful alongside your meal without the empty calories. If you’re at a happy hour, ask for a lemon or lime in your water—you can still enjoy the company of your friends while sipping a hydrating beverage!


Are you ready to try a weight loss program with balanced, healthy meals that still lets you enjoy your favorite foods? Contact Jenny Craig to book your free appointment to get started!





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Edited by Elisa - Jenny Craig

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