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How You Can Personalize Your Weight Loss Plan Through DNA Testing

The internet is exploding with diet buzzwords: keto, counting calories, macronutrients, BMI — it’s enough to make anyone’s head spin! If you’ve racked up a long list of diets that haven’t worked, it might be time to get a little personal. Enter DNA testing for weight loss, a new way to personalize your weight loss experience on a deeper level. So, how is it different from other diets you’ve tried? We’ll explain.


DNA Decoder Plan FAQ: Your Questions, Answered

Have you heard about Jenny Craig’s latest science-backed innovation? Our new DNA Decoder Plan was created to help members maximize their weight loss efforts.

The plan reveals 15 key weight loss-specific insights, including how your body may process different foods, details about your eating behaviors, your metabolism’s efficiency and more. Based on your results, we’ll match you with the best meal plan to help optimize your weight loss. 

Want all the details about our new DNA weight loss plan? We’ve got you covered! Check out the most common questions about our DNA Decoder Plan. 


I Tried Jenny Craig’s DNA Weight Loss Plan. Here’s How It Worked for Me.

As a journalist, I’ve always been an inquisitive, science-minded person and one who does a mind-bending amount of research, particularly when it comes to health and nutrition topics. I’ve watched weight loss fads come and go, with few standing up to the rigors of scientific research and even fewer that seem sustainable over the long term, a factor that is critical to weight maintenance. And, full disclosure — I’ve tried a few of them myself. Even keto (spoiler alert: It was a miserable 30 days and I hardly lost any weight!). 


Not long after I finished my keto test, I recounted the experience to my doctor while wondering aloud why it worked for others but not so much for me. “People’s bodies respond differently to different eating plans,” she said. “What works for your friend may not work for you. And what works for you may not work for someone else.”

Photo by Ella Olsson on Unsplash

salmon vegetables and rice in bowlThat made sense, of course, but her statement left me wondering: What, exactly, is it about people’s own personal makeup that makes them respond differently to various weight loss and exercise plans? Why can some people seem to eat copious amounts of carbs and never have a problem with weight gain, while others (like me) can only tolerate low amounts without seeing the scale creep up?


Soon enough, I got my answer: It may very well lie in our DNA.


That’s right. Groundbreaking research has shown that your own unique genetic makeup can influence a number of factors related to weight loss and weight maintenance, including not only how you process carbohydrates, but also fat and protein.1-2  Your genetics can even influence how well you respond to different types of exercise and how satisfied you’re likely to feel after eating a meal!3-4 


Lucky for me, I got to test this science directly through Jenny Craig’s DNA Decoder Plan, which analyzes your specific DNA to provide you with a weight loss plan that works with your body to help optimize your results. Read on to learn about how the DNA weight loss program worked for me!


Genetics vs. Lifestyle: Which One Affects Your Health Most?

Genes: They’re something you’re born with, and there’s nothing you can do to change how they’ll affect your health, right?

Fortunately, there are some simple, yet powerful, lifestyle choices you can make to take charge of your health — and your weight loss.

Now, it’s easier than ever to take a DNA test that could outline your family tree, or even help you to lose weight. A DNA test for weight loss could help you to better understand your likelihood of experiencing certain health concerns, like your overweight risk. But what’s hidden in your genes doesn’t have to be your destiny — a variety of lifestyle factors could have a significant influence on your weight loss, and many of them are in your control.


15 Genetic Markers That May Boost Your Weight Loss Success - Infographic

Did you know that your genes may influence more than just your eye and hair color? They can also play a role when it comes to your eating habits and weight loss. Jenny Craig's DNA Decoder Plan tests 15 weight loss-specific markers that will give you insight into how to best support your weight loss efforts. Check them out! 


How Does DNA Testing For Weight Management Work?

This article is intended for educational purposes only. As more research is being conducted, further information about genetics and weight loss is still being discovered.  

If you’re considering starting a weight loss program or changing your diet in the quest for better health: You’re not alone. More than one in three people in the United States follows a diet or eating pattern, according to the International Food Information Council Foundation.1 But despite their efforts, many people still have trouble losing weight, often for a variety of reasons. That’s where DNA testing for weight management comes in. When your goal is to lose weight, DNA testing for weight loss can be used as a tool to support healthy weight loss. Here’s how DNA testing for weight loss may help to demystify common weight loss problems, plus, a detailed look at how Jenny Craig’s DNA Decoder Plan works.

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