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What causes belly fat? 6 causes and ways to lose it.

If you carry extra weight around your midsection, you’re not alone. Considering how many “flat belly” remedies are advertised on magazine covers and sold to us on social media, combatting abdominal fat is clearly a challenge people are interested in tackling.    Belly fat is caused by many factors including your genetics, activity level, diet, alcohol consumption and more. Thankfully, there are some effective and science-backed ways to combat extra weight around your middle. If you wan
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12 Ways to Lose Inches Off Your Waist

Dealing with that stubborn fat around your waist despite losing weight in other body parts? If so, how to lose inches off your waist may be something you’re wondering about!   Beyond the confidence boost, a smaller waist circumference is associated with a lower risk for chronic disease and metabolic syndrome.   While there is no surefire way to lose targeted fat around your waist (hint: doing crunches isn’t the magic solution), there are many strategies for lifestyle changes
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5 Tips for Falling Asleep & Supporting Your Weight Loss

*Yawn* If you wake up feeling groggy every morning and are in need of tips for falling asleep easier — keep reading.     Sleep is the cornerstone of health and well-being. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), adults aged 18-60 need 7 or more hours of sleep per night.1 Sleep is like eating enough fruits and vegetables — we know it’s good for us, but we don’t always get enough. The short-term impact of not getting enough sleep affects cognitive abilities and
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5 Spring Green Salad Ideas and Recipes

Sometimes there’s nothing more refreshing than a crisp salad packed with fruits and veggies — especially after a long winter! It’s time to put away the soup pots and break out the cutting boards. Here are 5 spring salad recipes you’ll want to try stat.   If you’re a Jenny member, consult with your coach before adding food to your menu plan to ensure you stay on track!   Looking for more inspiration? Try some of these spring salad ideas that will get the juices flowing:  
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Yoga for Weight Loss: How to Get Started & The 4 Best Poses For Beginners

If you’re looking for a low-impact exercise that’s good for weight loss — look no further than yoga!   To some people, the thought of practicing yoga brings up images of people twisting themselves like a contortionist. Sure, there are some advanced poses that can have your body looking like it’s in a competitive Twister match, but practicing yoga is so much more than moving your body into different shapes. If you are considering trying yoga on for size, know that you can successfully i
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10 Reasons to Work with a Health Coach for Weight Loss

Think about your favorite Olympic athletes. They train, eat and prepare to perform at their best.   But behind every Olympic athlete is a coach who works even harder to ensure their athlete’s support. Even seasoned Olympic athletes need coaches who can help them improve at their sport and have a strategic game plan in place.   So what are you doing to unlock your best self?   With so many conflicting priorities in life, it’s easy to put everyone else first. But if
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