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Members following our Classic program, on average, lose 1-2lbs per week. Typical weight loss on the Rapid Results program is 11.6 pounds in the first four weeks and 1-2 pounds per week thereafter.

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  3. Sharlane51829


    Good afternoon all!

    I am returning to Jenny Craig after 20 years. Wow 20 years! I am weighing in at 195-197 and honestly I need to lose some weight. I just turned 50 years old and I stand at 5'2. My goal is to get to 150. That weight seems realistic for me. I am pescatarian so i am doing the vegetarian plan with very little fish. I definitely need some support so hopefully this will work for me. last time i did this program I lost 22 pounds . I know with consistency I will lose the weight. 

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  5. maryangwood


    Hi! I am at end of my 4th week. (and yes I have experienced some of the same frustrations I have read on here with the food not matching what my app showed I should be getting and eating). I have lost 7lbs but can tell a big difference in my clothes. The last few days I have felt stressed and hungry but determined to keep going for at least 7lbs. more. Has anyone hit any places that it was really hard to stay on track even though you know it works?? I am going to place my own order this week and try to start incorporating some of my own food keeping under the 1200 cal. I'm sure this will be a challenge too. Any pointers? 

    1. ChristiS


      You can do it!


      If you are going to start adding your own foods, breakfast is a good place to start.  That's what I did.  Just be careful - sometimes adding your own foods makes it tempting to veer off plan.

  6. Elisa - Jenny Craig

    7 Principles That Can Positively Impact Your Weight Loss Journey - Infographic

    Hi Robin, Thank you for your comment! We know sticking to your health goals and traveling can be challenging, but you can do it! Here are a couple blog posts with tips to stay on track while on the program and general advice for traveling. We hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season! The Jenny Craig Team
  7. I started back on Jenny Craig two weeks ago. It's hard sometimes due to family eating out and traveling. I do try my best keeping to the menu. I wish they sold Jenny Craig at a restaurant or even a fast food restaurant. When the family goes it's so hard. I keep to my salad and greens. I do carry my own dressing at all times. Any tips would be appreciated for traveling since we do a lot of it.
  8. Thank you for sharing your journey. Very inspirational and encouraging.
  9. Amanda_268006


    I just started the program again. I bought the plan and was not given the option of foods. Does this mean they will send whatever? I also have not been able to get ahold of anyone through email, phone calls, live chat. This is one of the reasons I left the last time, there was little to no support until you leave the program and then they call all the time. PLEASE HELP!

    1. Sparkley


      Hi Amanda,  I am on my second week of Rapid Results and feel very similar on the lack of support.  I love the food and am getting results, but it is frustrating to figure it all out on your own.  If you are on the Rapid Results plan, they will ship you a set menu of items for the week (no picking).  The only way to see the menu is in the app (along with the getting started program overview).  You can download the app in your phone's app store.  My consultant was able to send me the menus for each of the 4 weeks of the program in PDF.  That was helpful to go between my phone and a printout of the menu to plan the proteins, milks, fruits, and veggies I needed to compliment the meals.  Although new, the app is helpful.  Hope your experience gets better!  Good luck!  

    2. missbumble


      HI Amanda - That suc*ks! Do you have a local center you can call and ask them? Maybe also try the Facebook Page? A lot of people there may be able to help.   I have not done the menu plan in a long while. I am on maintenance and can pick my phones (though I want to lose a few lbs). 


      Keep trying to call. What happens when you call the 866-706-4042 number? Say you want to order food and then see who you get and ask questions? 


      Im sorry I am not more help. Keep coming and asking here . We will help as best we can - but I don't know what your specific plan is. 





    3. Colleen Wolff

      Colleen Wolff

      Agree!  I wanted to try and order what I wanted, there is NO way to contact anyone.  I never got a notice they were sending food - this is crazy and why I left them before too... this is so unfriendly!



  10. Flaggerchick


    I love this way of eating. I have lost 8 pounds in 3 weeks. I however cannot eat three of the dinners that are sent to me. Is there a way I can request another type of meal choice? The meatloaf, broccoli baked potato,  and the Mediterranean beef I just can't eat. I would love some guidance. Thanks all. 

  11. Sparkley


    Hi!  Curious on other experiences.  I am just starting my second week of Rapid Results.  I love the food and am getting results.  However, the process to understand the program and communication from Jenny Craig has been frustrating.  The only way to get the menus and quick guide is in the app on my phone (nothing sent in the package). I was then trying to flip through the guide and the menu to plan my grocery shopping for the veggies/milk/protein to compliment the meals.  My coach, luckily, was able to email me the menus.  That has helped this week.  I also had to figure out what my calorie intake should be.  Luckily, I found an article on another website (not in the app and the Jenny article has me at too high) that showed me the formula.  My coach was no help there, as she didn't know what level I should be on.  Nothing in her computer showed her what I should be at.  I had to explain the calculation.  There has also been substitutions in each of my boxes.  I don't mind that.  There is just nothing on the packing slip that lists what substitution was made.  So, it will be the day of, and I will have get my menu out and go through every meal left to see what I have leftover that is supposed to be the substitution. I feel really alone on the diet to figure out what it is supposed to be.  The reason I went with Jenny was the support.  Honestly, Nutrisystem is having a 50% off sale and I though about switching, as I can get frozen meals elsewhere.  I was here, as it is supposed to be a well communicated and monitored plan.  I haven't seen any of that.  Hoping it gets better?  Maybe I am just hangry?  :)

    1. ChristiS


      This sounds super frustrating.  I would probably try calling JennyCare and asking for a new consultant.  


      Good luck!

  12. sdigregorio


    I just ordered my first week of Rapid Results.  I cannot find where I can download my menu...any help would be greatly appreciated. Do they send you the weekly menu to follow?  

    1. ChristiS


      I have heard many people are not getting menus with their orders, but they should be there.  You can also reach out to your consultant to get the menus.  You will also need the Getting Started Guide.  You can find all these items in the Jenny app.

    2. sdigregorio


      I cannot download the app. Is there anywhere on the Jenny Craig website to get my menu? BTW thank you for helping. 😀

    3. ChristiS


      1200 rapid results week 1.pdf


      OK, I can't figure out where to find it on the website.  I used the Jenny app to download the 1200 calorie rapid results week one menu for you.  If this is not what you're looking for, I'll try again.  Also, I know there are subsititutions for some items.  I am not sure what, though.  


      I hope this helps.

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  14. Elisa - Jenny Craig

    Ask an R.D.: Is it Bad to Eat Before Bed?

    Eating with your circadian rhythm Before we get into noshing late at night, it helps to understand how your body processes food, and when it metabolizes it best. Enter, your circadian rhythm. Your body follows a 24-hour internal clock known as your circadian rhythm. This rhythm aligns with the sun and the moon. It’s why you’re most alert in the day and start to get sleepy at night. Aligning your meals with this rhythm is optimal and here’s why: Your body needs energy — calories from the food you eat — to fuel all of your activities throughout the day. During this
  15. Elisa - Jenny Craig

    6 Ways to Feel Awesome on Thanksgiving and Avoid the “Holiday Slide”

    Hello, Thank you for your comment. It's wonderful to hear about your success with Jenny Craig! We have this list of healthy substitutes for your favorite holiday dishes that might help! Let us know if you have any other questions and have a great day!
  16. jamieffs


    Really Frustrated and Depressed!  I just completed my first week of Rapid Results.  I stuck to the plan perfectly and I did not lose an ounce!!!!  I am the same weight!  Should I quit and conclude this plan does not work for me?  I am not used to eating so many carbs and so much food.  Maybe my metabolism is too slow for Jenny Craig.  My consultant just said to keep at it but, ya know, she is motivated by commissions.  How do I know when to throw in the towel?  If I had zero weight loss on a subsequent week, I would know that it won't come off every week and I would not be upset.  But my first week???!!!  This is really upsetting.

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    2. JWgirl


      I have found that either cutting the bar or snack can help speed up weight loss.  I try not to eat both in one day unless I am starving.

    3. ThinBrandie


      I lost weight the first week.  I'm on my 6th week and I'm down 15lbs which I'm fine with. Although 30lbs in a week would have been cool 🙂 Some days I skip the snack bar ...but I also make sure I get an activity in.  I was active before Jenny which is why I was surprised I gained so much weight during the pandemic (25lbs).  I've also noticed I drop more on days I'm activity.  I realize that's a 'duh' statement. But it's different when I see it on paper. 

      I usually eat my fruit around 8 and don't eat breakfast until 10-11 and stop eating by 5:30pm-6.  I don't know if that helps - but it's what I've been doing.  I also don't do the shake. 

    4. Flaggerchick


      I did not have weight loss my first week either. The second week starting showing good signs. Keep going and give your body a chance to grab the new foods. 

  17. AubreyJoy


    Not trying to start a firestorm here but what really happens if I were to use the meals and snacks in a totally different order than the menu?   Yes, I do understand that the menu is optimized for front loading calories earlier in the day and balancing the protein and carbs for the day but if I ignored that and just picked what I want for meals and snacks from the products I have and used them without the "balancing", would weight loss stop or just slow down?  I'm already a slow burner (5 pounds in 4 weeks with perfect compliance).  It doesn't seem like at 1200 calories it could go much slower than that.  I'm only interested in the results from anyone who has actually done this (and is willing to admit it).  

    1. lindaclare


      I have been choosing my own meals since I started in March 2020 as some of the items just don't appeal to me, and have lost 63 pounds so far.  I do still follow the basic program system (I made a spreadsheet of all the meal's calories) and I also avoid the meals with the highest sugar/fat/calorie content.

      These are my own rules:

      *1. Intermittent fasting- I do not consume SOLID food in the 12 hours post dinner/snack period (coffee/tea/seltzer/water is OK). *I think this has been the most important*

      2. My lunch meals are those with 250 or more calories.

      3. My dinner meals are those with under 250 calories.

      4. If I am not still hungry at breakfast, I save my fruit serving as the mid-morning snack.

      5. I sometimes save my small salad from lunch as a pre-dinner snack so that I can hold off a little later for dinner and skip the evening dessert/snack.

      6. No alcohol; I quit drinking- this was the hardest part for me!

      7. Exercise as much as I can mentally motivate myself, not so easy!!!



    2. AubreyJoy


      Very very helpful, thanks!


      Where can I find a list of the calories in specific items?

    3. AubreyJoy


      Just answered my own question with a website called "fatsecret" that lists all the nutritional data.

  18. Guest

    6 Ways to Feel Awesome on Thanksgiving and Avoid the “Holiday Slide”

    A number of years ago my husband and I both successfully completed the Jenny Craig program. Since that time we have used many of the holiday dinner recipes that were provided by the program at that time. The copy of those recipes did not survive our last move, or at least I am not able to locate them. Also it has been several years that I have actually made the dinner myself since we had eaten holiday dinners, both Thanksgiving and Christmas at someone else’s home or eaten out. With Covid out there we are doing it at home again and I am not able to locate my recipes. One of the recipes th
  19. JD in Toronto

    JD in Toronto

    Does anyone have the new menus as files? 

    If so - can you paste in a reply? Thanks

  20. JD in Toronto

    JD in Toronto

    Does anyone have the new menus as files? 


  21. Kedi

    • Kedi
    • Ellen2U

    What an inspiration you are.   I have been on and off diets for most of my life also.  

  22. LAK56


    I've been doing Jenny for about 2 months now.  I'm down 20 lbs - which is great, but I've got a ways to go.  Up until about a week ago, I was feeling quite satisfied with the amount of food and it was pretty smooth sailing.  Now I've hit a bit of a plateau and I'm hungry alot of the time.  Anyone else experience this?


    1. Kedi


      Hi LAK56

      I'm about where you are now.   I'm on my 7th week.  Lost 20 pounds and feeling a bit more hungry than I was  Not sure about my weight loss hitting a plateau yet but do expect the pounds coming off to slow down.  Have you asked your consulate about this yet?   

      I am not a exercise person and can't believe I'm saying this but maybe if you increase your exercise a little  it will get you over that hump.   Keep me posted.  Good luck

  23. Jessesmom


    So I'm confused....I don't receive any menus with my food deliveries and am getting advice to look at the menu on the app. But my food delivery doesn't match up at all with what is on the app. So I have to add a substitution for practically every meal, every day. Any suggestions? And what else are we supposed to eat for breakfast when we receive one packet of the protein smoothie as one breakfast option. Isn't that considered a milk and fruit option? So is something missing? Unfortunately my consultant was not too interested in helping me so am trying to figure this out on my own.

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    2. DPotter


      The menu is on the app but you DO have to make sure you chooses the right PROGRAM from the drop down list to get the right menu lined up with it

    3. MarcyW


      The problem with the app menu right now is that it is out of sync with the revised Rapid  Results menus that JC implemented this week. The app needs updating, but I'm not sure how soon they will do that. 

    4. cyndi_rocks!


      You just have to pick the right menu in the app.  It is the one with the word “NEW” in all capital letters.  I noticed it last week.

  24. DPotter


    I am about to start my third week on rapid results and I must say, I find the food very good and I"m very happy with my weight loss so far.  When the four weeks is up can you continue on the same program?

    1. Sweetcakes12


      Yes, you can also pick days as a whole, if you want to choose Day 3, and Day 12, etc..  As long as you keep the day intact you can tailor your menu to your favourite days

    2. Jessesmom


      Thank you to everyone who replied. I realized that my app's default menu is the balanced plan and I'm on rapid results. Thanks to those who brought it to my attention 

  25. Susan Robinson

    Susan Robinson

    Where do I find the menu?  received the food but I dont know what food to eat what day and what veggies or fruits or dairy and how much?  I only received the food.

    1. missheidi


      I have the same problem!

    2. DPotter


      download the APP on your phone and it takes you through the day by day menu

      I had the same question.

    3. JD in Toronto

      JD in Toronto

      I have the app - have been using it for a couple of months. I selected two separate weeks in the app and emailed the menus to me - BUT when I checked the file(s), they were showing the same food selections every day ( a different day for week 2 - but repeated for 7 days). I tried chatting live - but no one got back to me. 



  26. Lmwk


    Hi!  Question....I try to avoid dairy, I don't like how it makes me feel...does anyone substitute the milk for something else?



    1. Donna JW

      Donna JW

      I have the same problem.   I've switched to A2 2% Reduced Fat Milk by the a2 Milk Company and I haven't had issues with that brand.


      Hope that helps

    2. Lmwk


      Thank you!  I just saw this yesterday, but was hesitant to try.  I will give it a go!


    3. M WILSON

      M WILSON

      My consultant eventually told me I could use low fat soy milk. I can only find regular. She also said I could use almond milk, but that has very little protein comparable to milk and is considered a starch (I think) on Jenny, so I didn't feel too confident in the advice I was getting :)

  27. Elisa - Jenny Craig

    Jenny Craig Launches 20 New Foods for 2020

    Hello, Thank you for your comment! While we do offer a variety of vegetarian options, we understand your frustration. We'll pass along your feedback to our food team for review. Let us know if you have any other questions or comments, we hope you return to Jenny Craig to help you reach your goals! Thank you, The Jenny Craig Team
  28. Guest

    Jenny Craig Launches 20 New Foods for 2020

    I want to do Jenny Craig again, but the limited vegetarian options means I’m already bored with the food. Please be more inclusive of vegetarians.
  29. Hannah14


    Hi everyone,

    My name is Hannah, I work a sedentary job from 8-4 5 days a week and I am new here in hopes someone can help me out. It’s been a long emotional journey and honestly now I feel like it’s worse.

    I've been on my weight loss journey for two years, I feel as though I have plateaued or I am doing something wrong and I thought I can ask you for some help. I am 23 years old, 5ft2 and I weigh 165 in hopes of going down to 130. Honestly my focus is more losing fat than the number on the scale.

    Firstly, I went to the doctor's office and got my thyroid, hormones, cortisol and insulin checked. Everything is normal except my insulin is high, the doctor thinks I may be insulin resistant (I don't have diabetes or any problems with my blood sugar) because in the past I used to eat a lot of high sugar and processed foods. Anyways, last month, I did my yearly checkup and the doctor found a cyst on my right ovary 7.5 cm big. Due to the Cyst on my right ovary I am required to take Aless 21, a birth control pill to help shrink the size because the ovarian cyst is 7.5 cm big. I started them yesterday

    Secondly, in terms of working out I used to strength train 3 times a week for 30 mins (squats, lunges, plank, jumping jacks, one arm dumbbell row, these are just a few). Then I added 2 days of Cardio (HITT for 20 mins). I personally do not feel that my workouts are effective, I have tried Fitness Blender, Youtube videos, Body-building.com, a fewpopsugar workouts made by celebrity trainers. Nothing has worked. I like to workout at home personally, I have some dumbbells, a treadmill (I'd rather do cardio using youtube), resistance bands, etc.. I noticed that I didn't lose any weight/ decrease in measurements, however some places of fat are now hard muscle. Now I’m not sure how to Exercise due to the cyst. The doctor told me I need to be careful because it could rupture, didn’t really advise me on what type of exercise I can and cannot do. She said not to lift heavy items.

    Thirdly, in terms of food, I usually have 2 pieces of gluten free toast with peanut butter, then a nut bar from Costco as a snack, for lunch i sometimes have a protein shake or some rice with meat or something with both carbs and protein, I sometimes have snack in between lunch and dinner which is usually a piece of fruit and for dinner I usually have something similar to lunch. I have been calorie counting and trying to eat between 100 to 150 grams of carbs. I never used to weigh my food (I did used to eat A LOT of Carbs), now I started to, I use MyFitnessPal on the setting: lose 1 pound per week with a calorie intake of 1300. I am still struggling with this, I am not sure why but I find myself always wanting to eat more when I count calories. Not going to lie, I have a sweet tooth and I have cut a tremendous amount of sugar out of my diet. Also, I tend to gain a lot of water weight which ends up in me eating more junk food and sugar, changing out of this mindset has been a challenge.

    I have no idea what I am doing right or wrong and what I should do more to see results, I don't even know how long into the journey one should start seeing. The number one place I accumulate far (this is just for ur info) is on the arms, inner thighs and abdomen. Please if you can advise me to get on the right track that would be great.

    To sum up, I am an emotional mess that really needs help and I have no idea what to do now especially due to this cyst and I’m worried that on birth control I’m going to gain even more weight because I’m already having so much trouble now losing it., especially because I can’t exercise the way I used to as well. On top of it, my body type in general always retains water it’s just like that idk why. Please, please advise me.

    Thank you,
    Hannah :)

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    2. missbumble


      @Donna JWGreat Job! You are rocking this plan. JC also in my area has a free delivery service. I call up, chat and they deliver the food!

    3. Sweetcakes12


      If you have a cyst on your ovary and are insulin resistant you probably have PCOS (poly cystic ovarian syndrome)  it`s very common.  It could be a major reason it is so hard to lose weight.  Everyone's body has their own strengths and weaknesses, especially when it comes to weight loss.  My sister has PCOS and is insulin resistant and she CANNOT lose weight unless she exercises no matter how well she eats.  It's not easy when you have a sedentary job.  I wish you luck in your weight loss journey :)

    4. ChristiS


      I just want to say how impressed I am with this community!  I love it when people show up to support each other.  

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