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Members following our Classic program, on average, lose 1-2lbs per week. Typical weight loss on the Rapid Results program is 11.6 pounds in the first four weeks and 1-2 pounds per week thereafter.

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  3. Lauren L.

    Lauren L.

    How do I go about getting an online coach? Ive ordered a menu online, but am I supposed to call to talk to someone? 


    Also, I realized after I got the weight loss plan that I wont be able to customize it weekly. I'm wondering if there is a way around that and how flexible it is to switch up your plan? 

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  5. Want more at-home workout ideas? Check out these 5 at-home workouts for weight loss and these simple exercises anyone can do at home.
  6. Woodyjules


    I have been on before, but did not get menu plan in my box. I have app. Is rapid results classic or balanced? I know i am on 1200 cAlories

    1. Byoun16


      Hi! They forgot to send my email too. I reached out to customer support and they were able to email it to me. 

    2. Annamarie H - Jenny Craig

      Annamarie H - Jenny Craig

      @Woodyjules the Rapid Results menu is the Balanced menu.  You can email us at jennycare@jennycraig.com and we'll send you all of the menus. 

  7. Sandi Lynn

    Sandi Lynn

    Just not sure how much fruit I can eat in a day?  Also, are vegetable unlimited?

    1. ChristiS


      I'm pretty sure nonstarchy foods are unlimited.  You might want to check your getting started guide.


    2. Annamarie H - Jenny Craig

      Annamarie H - Jenny Craig

      Hi @Sandi Lynn if you're following a full plan, your menu will show you how many fruit servings are allowed.  Non starchy veggies are unlimited.  If you're not used to eating a bunch of veggies limit things that are high fiber like broccoli, until you're used to eating more fiber. 

  8. JOANNE_242623


    Hello, I am on the Reduced Carbs plan, for a snack what do you recommended for 2 healthy fats?  Or do you have suggested recipes? Thank you.

    1. ChristiS


      Did you check the getting started guide?  

    2. anyname27


      I'm on that plan, too. I'll have some cashews or peanut butter. Maybe I'll mix some herbs into sour cream or cream cheese to make a dip for vegetables. Or mix salsa with avocado for a veg dip. Sometimes, I move the fats from the afternoon snack to another meal. For example, I might have an egg or piece of cheese at breakfast using the breakfast protein and the afternoon fat, or use mayo to make tartar sauce to dip my fish & chips into at dinner.

  9. lcarriero


    hi! I my food just came- how do I begin?




    1. ChristiS


      You should have an appointment with your consultant very soon.  If you don't have an appointment, you should call customer care.

    2. Readymc24


      Just curious- how long did it take for you to get food from time you ordered/signed up?

  10. Carol


    Can I change some of the menu items on the home delivery? If so, how can I do that?

    1. Annamarie H - Jenny Craig

      Annamarie H - Jenny Craig

      Hi Carol!


      Are you on auto delivery?  If you are there are no available substitutions that can be made.  If you'd like to speak to someone about more customization options give us a call at 1-800-536-6922.

  11. Babysf


    Hi! I joined on Saturday. How long should I expect for my food to ship? I haven’t seen any notices in my email.

    1. Sparklingdeby


      Hi Babysf

      I just called. I joined on Friday and they said 5-7 days for shipping. So, i may get my order on Friday and you may get yours on Saturday.

  12. Annamarie H - Jenny Craig

    Jenny Craig Online: At Home & On Your Schedule

    Hi there. We're happy to help you get restarted. Give us a call at 1-866-706-4042 to have your food shipped to you. Thank you!
  13. Annamarie H - Jenny Craig

    Jenny Craig Launches 20 New Foods for 2020

    Hi Laura. At this time there are no plans to bring it back. We'll share your suggestion with our internal team! Thank you.
  14. Monica93


    So I’m new here I just purchased my first weeks meal but idk what’s coming how can I find out? 😊 

    1. nana's new body

      nana's new body

      Hi,,I'm new here also but you should get a email from them...Good luck on your weight lose...Wendy

    2. Annamarie H - Jenny Craig

      Annamarie H - Jenny Craig

      Depending on the menu you ordered, you can find what you're getting here by selecting "View Plan" https://www.jennycraig.com/shop-plans

  15. Jennaay


    Hello! Does anyone know where we can see the weekly menus online? My coach mentioned we should be able to, but I am not finding them. Thanks! 

    1. Babysf


      I think you can see them on the App if you download it.

    2. Pat2323


      I'd like to be able to print the weekly menus as well.  The menus that the app creates are messed up.  It repeats days, (Day 1 followed by another Day 1), etc.

  16. Guest

    Jenny Craig Launches 20 New Foods for 2020

    Will the mesquite chicken be brought back?
  17. Guest

    Jenny Craig Online: At Home & On Your Schedule

    So, I am a lifetime member and whenever I post a question to the website, it continues to tell me to call the center. I left JC because of the center and there are no others near by. I would like to the Jenny Craig Anywhere program, but I will not go back to the center that is nearby. In fact, they are not the center that I became the member with many moons ago. Suggestions?
  18. amlysc


    Has anyone else had difficulties with getting to week 2 on the app? I’m on the travel menu and it won’t even give me the option of week 2. It just keeps repeating Week 1 Day 7. I’ve texted the help number 3 times and send photos, but they just keep telling me to do the same thing. I’m very tech savvy, so it’s not that. I’m unsure what I’m doing wrong. 

    1. anyname27


      The only travel menu my consultant had available for me in the center was a one week menu with the same foods repeated over again multiple times. I think there were 3 or 4 distinct days on it. There wasn't a week 2,  just one week available.

    2. Annamarie H - Jenny Craig

      Annamarie H - Jenny Craig

      The Travel Menu along with the Vegetarian Menu are 1 week menus, so you won't have a 2 week option. 

  19. Debbie_244174


    Can you renew your membership online somewhere?

    1. Annamarie H - Jenny Craig

      Annamarie H - Jenny Craig

      To renew your membership give us a call at 1-866-706-4042.

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  21. Smartcar42


    New here...What does Vegetable Side mean?  it is different that 1 vegetable yes?  I am on the Type 2 plan.  Thank you!


    1. Jennaay


      I asked my coach about those too! She said the vegetable sides are no longer available and that you should eat a vegetable serving in its place. Hope this helps! 

    2. bostonbelle


      A vegetable side is your choice of vegetable plus (1) serving of fat. 
      For example, a salad plus dressing, cooked carrots with butter, broccoli with cheese, etc.

      Remember a fat serving is up to 5 grams of fat and 45 calories. 
      Also, you can find single serving broccoli and cheese in the frozen foods section of your supermarket.

  22. Smartcar42


    New here...What does Vegetable Side mean?  it is different that 1 vegetable yes?  I am on the Type 2 plan.  Thank you!

    1. ChristiS


      I wish I could be better helpo for you.  Recently, Jenny had some vegetable side dishes sold seperately.  I'm not sure if that's what that means or not.  I'm on maintenance and haven't been on a Jenny plan in quite some time.

  23. Kiana92


    I just got my first order and I’m confused. Do the Jenny Craig shakes not come with the meal? I ordered the complete one that comes with all three meals and snacks. 

    1. ChristiS


      It has been a while since I was on a Jenny plan.  But, it does seem as if the shakes are extra.

    2. anyname27


      Shakes, bars and salad dressing are separate items.

    3. Annamarie H - Jenny Craig

      Annamarie H - Jenny Craig

      Shakes and dressings are optional items for added convenience.  


      If you don't wish to order them you may have a milk serving in their place such as 6 oz. of Greek or plain yogurt, 8 oz. of skim/low-fat milk, or 12 oz. of soy milk.  For the dressing, you may have a dressing serving of your choice that is around 45 calories per serving and 5 grams of fat or less.


  24. SherifromNJ


    Hi Everyone. Brand new member here. Got my stuff yesterday. I was supposed to get a call at 7:00 am ??? I don’t see a menu type sheet that I can hang up to follow. I’m disgusted with myself. Guess I’ll wait for the phone call??

    1. ChristiS


      I hope you got your phone call.  You might try calling Jenny Care customer support.  They can help direct you to a plan.

    2. Annamarie H - Jenny Craig

      Annamarie H - Jenny Craig

      If you ever need assistance with your Consultations give us a call at 1-800-536-6922.

  25. ShayPaul


    I don’t know how to see where or when my food is coming? I just signed up Yesterday 

    1. Tug




      You have to setup account with fedex then they will send you notice when your shipment will arrive.

    2. Annamarie H - Jenny Craig

      Annamarie H - Jenny Craig

      Once available you will receive an email with a FedEx tracking number.  We encourage you sign up for FedEx Delivery Manager to track and receive alerts about your delivery. https://www.fedex.com/apps/fdmenrollment/


      Due to high order demands and FedEx delivery demands your order may arrive within 5 - 7 days of your requested date.  Rest assured, we’re working hard to deliver your order.   


      Thank you for your understanding.  Please contact our Customer Care team at jennycare@jennycraig.com if you have further questions.

  26. Q: How have you been staying healthy at home? Ally C. I have been staying healthy by sticking with the Jenny Craig program, having weekly check-ins with my coach Gwen and cycling. Amanda F. Meal prep has been a huge part of staying healthy while in quarantine. I have been preparing meals for the week on Mondays! It also helps me with portion control. I visually use the Jenny Craig meals I used to eat as a guide for how much food I eat now. Erin A. I keep my pantry stocked with my favorite Jenny foods! I try to eat Jenny Craig meals for breakfast, lunch and snacks and then eat a reasonable dinner (whatever I prepare for the family). Another tip: I keep a water bottle at my desk all day. I try to fill it up at least five times per day. I work from home, so this is something I’ve done for a while, but I’ve been especially mindful of it during quarantine. Mike M. Home improvement! I’ve been working in the yard and taking care of small projects around the house. It's a great way to stay active and avoid snacking. Mowing the lawn, planting a vegetable garden and fixing a screen door are all ways to stay busy. I find these tasks enjoyable because they help me feel productive and create a sense of pride in my home. Shiella K. Honestly, the first few weeks were rough. It took a series of tweaks to finally get into a routine. In the beginning, I took advantage of the stress excuse and may have overdone it on portions and extra snacks since my new office is my kitchen island. I used to be a 6 a.m. workout gal until becoming a chef and teacher to my kids. When I missed my morning workout I would just give up and be done with the day and try again tomorrow. It was a mindset change that I needed. I downloaded an exercise app and now workout in the evening and love it! It’s a great way to end my day, hop in the shower and call it a night. I also started the Jenny maintenance plan for a few days a week. Q: How has Jenny Craig helped you stay on track/lose weight at home? Ally C. Jenny Craig and my coach have kept me on track through this crazy time! I check in with my coach on Wednesdays and she messages me on Saturdays to help me stay on track! Amanda F. I have been doing weekly weigh-ins at home and logging them on my phone. I use the Jenny Craig maintenance guide to help with my mindset and keep myself from endlessly snacking while at home. Erin A. Having Jenny Craig food at home has been essential. I lost my weight about 18 months ago, and I refuse to gain it back. Having staples at my house has been key. When I get a craving, I reach for a Jenny Craig meal or snack because they are readily available. Even if I fall off the wagon one night for dinner, I know I have my meals for the following day. Mike M. Jenny Craig helps me stay on track at home by providing a weekly menu to plan all my meals. It's easy to follow and takes all the guesswork out of wondering what I'm going to eat. I avoid the temptation of snacking or making unhealthy food choices because I know I'll eat several times a day and still maintain my weight loss. It's such a useful part of the program (especially when you’re stuck in the house). Shiella K. With Jenny Craig, I don’t have to think about what I’m going to eat. The plan helps me avoid the endless snacking I found myself doing at the beginning of quarantine. Q: Have you been checking in with your weight loss coach? How have they helped you during this time? Ally C. I’ve been checking in twice a week. I know I have to weigh in every Wednesday and that keeps me on track and holds me accountable. Amanda F. I’ve texted several times with my coach, Veronica. She helps keep me motivated and connected to my health and wellness goals. The further away I get from the Jenny Craig program the closer I get to unhealthy choices. It's nice to have someone help hold me accountable during this time. I also am keeping in touch with my Jenny Craig family. I have built some great relationships with other moms. We check-in and support each other all the time! Erin A. My consultant checks in with me every Friday. I’ve done curbside pickups for my favorite foods. Just knowing she’ll call has helped keep me accountable. Mike M. I continue checking in with my coach for monthly maintenance and we do our consultations over the phone now instead of in the office. It's convenient calling from home and it's wonderful talking to my coach about the program. The accountability, support and encouragement I receive from Jenny Craig helps me sustain my weight loss. Shiella K. Yes, I love phone consultations. We’ve been checking in once a week for the last 3-4 weeks and it’s nice to have someone hold me accountable! The curbside pickup is also so very easy. Q: What’s your favorite Jenny Craig meal or snack to eat during quarantine and why? Ally C. In quarantine, I am at home with my two crazy boys and all they want to do is snack! So when they have chips or crackers in the afternoon, I grab my Jenny Craig snacks. I am loving the Ranch Snaps right now! Also when the boys have dessert (it’s my only way to get them to eat dinner right now!) I go to my favorite S’mores Bar. It’s a good way to stay on track and not divert from the plan! Erin A. I LOVE having hamburgers for lunch. They are easy to cook and go great with a salad. I always have mustard and pickles handy even if I don’t have anything else to top my burger with. The burgers satisfy my savory tooth and are very filling! A must-have for lunch at my house. Mike M. My favorite Jenny Craig snack is the Triple Chocolate Cheesecake. It is so rich and delicious that I never get tired of it. I can have the pleasure and satisfaction of eating a fabulous dessert while staying at home and not feeling like I'm depriving myself. Shiella K. So many to list! The Blue Corn Tortilla Chips are definitely high up there because I love that hot sauce is a Fresh & Free Addition to dip them in! Of course, all the sweets, Kettle Corn for family movie nights (which is every other night these days!) and the Chocolate Lava Cake has always been my number one. Q: Could you share some advice for others who need a little motivation? How are you staying inspired right now? Ally C. I am staying motivated right now by trying to spend 30 minutes to an hour each day focusing on myself. Between work, becoming a teacher to a 5-year-old and daycare provider to my 2-year-old, a chef, and a house cleaner, it’s important to find time for yourself to stay sane. I take a cycle class every day or go for a run to get myself reenergized. It helps me clear my mind and focus on my mental health and well-being! I used to turn to food for comfort through stressful times. Now I turn to fitness! Amanda F. My biggest advice for others is to not give up. If you have a bad food day (and we all do) just get up the next day and try again. Give yourself some grace during this time. If maintaining is all you can do, do that! If weight loss is part of your story right now, keep working on it! None of us are perfect and the scale is just a number. Jenny Craig has taught me to be healthy and happy with my weight and body. Get outside! Moving my body makes me feel 1000 times better and keeps my spirits up. It's also a great way to set an example of healthy living for my kiddos. The first month of quarantine was very hard for me. The fear of getting sick was preventing me from doing what I know and love. Now I am back to meal prepping, exercising outside and spending quality time with my family. Self-care is a top priority for me now and it is working! I feel so much better. Erin A. We are not all in the same boat, but we are all in the same ocean right now. The seas are rough and times are challenging for everyone but in many different ways. I refuse to let the current crisis undo all that I’ve worked so hard to accomplish and maintain for the past 18 months. There is a quote that says, “Tough times don’t last, but tough people do.” I think of that quote often and remind myself that I have the willpower to stay on track. I won’t lie … working out by myself has been tough … I am a group workout class junkie and I miss my gym friends so much. Turning down a glass of wine or a bowl of ice cream is tough for me, too. So when I’ve had a rough day and choose not to turn it down, I don’t beat myself up over it. I just start the next day fresh and do my best again. I really try to focus on portion sizes and eating every 3-4 hours so I don’t become overly hungry and overeat. Mike M. Now is a great opportunity to look inward and to reflect during this period of isolation. Take one day at a time and use this opportunity to set goals for yourself. And if for some reason today didn't turn out the way you planned, then tomorrow is a new opportunity to try again. Never give up and always keep trying. It may be hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel but you just have to keep going until you get there. I've gone from a 44" waist down to a 32" waist and have maintained my weight loss for many years thanks to Jenny Craig. It's this non-scale victory that keeps me inspired and keeps me going. It feels amazing every time I put on my clothes and some days I still can't believe it. I hope all the Jenny Craig members can feel the way I do because it's so worth it! Shiella K. Speak kindly to yourself. We are all going through a lot of change, experiencing fear and anxiety but we are resilient. If there’s a day where I reach for something unhealthy or I had absolutely no time to exercise, I just move forward and start fresh at the next meal or the next day and try again. Always look ahead and remember that it’s a journey and progress towards the right health track. And put your jeans on! It was scary at first for me. Sometimes the scale can trick you into thinking extra water is a ton of weight gain but also my stretchy pants were fooling me into thinking I wasn’t gaining any weight too! Jeans don’t lie. It’s tough to backtrack and requires a lot of patience, but so much easier to get back on track when you’ve got the support and accountability from Jenny Craig. We hope these tips have been helpful. If you’re looking for more inspiration, check out our blog for more stories and tips! Need help with meal planning and prep? Let Jenny Craig do the work for you! Meal plans start at just $12.99. View plans now. Sources: [1] https://www.health.harvard.edu/staying-healthy/how-to-boost-your-immune-system
  27. Stef53701


    I lost 20 pounds over a 8 weeks now my weight loss has stalled I haven't lost anything in a month. This happens every time I try to loss weight. I loss 20 pounds and then nothing I get discouraged and give up. What should I do?

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    2. Nancy Henning

      Nancy Henning

      Try only eating cereal for breakfast and savory snacks.

    3. Mike M

      Mike M

      Hang in there and don’t give up. I’ve been going to Jenny Craig for 15 years and it really works. I understand how a weight loss plateau can be demoralizing. So frustrating! It happened to me plenty of times on my weight loss journey so be patient and follow your menu. Eat all your food, stay hydrated and stay active. Talk to your consultant about any challenges. Don’t skip meals and don’t starve yourself. Contact me if you need more info. You got this! 😃👍🏼

    4. C mill

      C mill

      During more water and dont skip on veggies.  Be sure to eat everything  the plan says. I still everytime  but weight loss starts again when I up water n free veggies

  28. bjc7274


    I ordered my food on Saturday and have not yet received it. I look forward to starting to feel better!

    1. Annamarie H - Jenny Craig

      Annamarie H - Jenny Craig

      Hi @bjc7274 we can check the status for you.  Give us a call or chat with us at 1-800-536-6922 or www.jennycraig.com

    2. bjc7274


      I just got it! So excited to get started!


  29. Elisa - Jenny Craig

    Portion Size Guide & Visual Tips For Weight Loss

    Hi Katherine, We're glad to hear that! We hope you're have a fabulous Wednesday. Team Jenny Craig
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