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Members following our Classic program, on average, lose 1-2lbs per week. Typical weight loss on the Rapid Results program is 11.6 pounds in the first four weeks and 1-2 pounds per week thereafter.

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  1. Yesterday
  2. Rita puccio

    Rita puccio



  3. SK Gleason

    SK Gleason

    Has anyone received the Romano Pasta w/Chicken and found there wasn't any pasta in the container? It was so watery there wasn't anyway to eat it.

    1. Christina W.

      Christina W.

      Nope, but I would let them know and get it replaced.  I tend to pour a little water out of my frozen entrees after heating them up to help keep in more flavor.  But Romano Pasta is a dry food if I remember correctly.

  4. Last week
  5. Elisa - Jenny Craig

    Rapid Results Max FAQ

    Hi Aimee, Thank you for your comment. Yes, you can absolutely get our Classic program or Rapid Results. Give us a call and we can set you up on the best program for your lifestyle! 866-706-4042 Let us know if you have any other questions. Have a great day!
  6. Carole Payne

    Carole Payne

    Return Client. I started the beginning of January 2021. I have lost 33.8 lbs . In the beginning it was really slower than I anticipated, but I added walking and its been a steady 1 1/2 to 2 pounds a week. My coach Tamika is wonderful. I am 4 pounds away from my half-way point. 


    1. Clhp


      Great results, way to go!   How much walking did you add?  More than 2 miles 3x a week? I need to adopt a walking routine and just work thru my arthritis in the knees!  Congrats on your 1/2 way goal.👏👏

    2. ChristiS


      Great work! 

  7. Shelley Kuhn

    Shelley Kuhn

    Been a busy week for me! Havent been able to  get on here and read or update, Hope everyone is doing well!

  8. Neith

    6 Self-Care Practices for Mother's Day

    Thank you for the timely reminder—that celebrations don’t have to be about enormous meals and all the planning, work, and expense that go along with it. And we’ll all feel much better after a healthy meal and a family walk!
  9. Amanda Marie

    Amanda Marie

    I just joined 3 days ago, I am a returning customer. I have to say so far I am not that thrilled. The Jenny Craig bars/anytime bars aren’t that good, I have the brownie flavor this week and they have a strange after taste . And I used to be able to cook the food in the oven but this time around on the box it says microwave and any meal I’ve had so far with chicken, the microwave just makes it rubbery. Does anyone know if you can still put these meals in the oven? Also they took a lot of food off the menu that I use to love. I wish they Would bring back the mesquite chicken, broccoli and chicken hot pocket, And the A few other items I can’t remember the names of

    1. missbumble


      You can definitely put things in the oven - but transfer to a casserole dish or something. Here are some very old instructions


      I like the Peanut Chocolate bars. I put them in freezer




    2. Amanda Marie

      Amanda Marie

      Thank you for sharing!! I am gonna try the oven!! 

  10. Guest

    Rapid Results Max FAQ

    Can you still get the rapid results or classic menu?
  11. Maria Heindel

    Maria Heindel


  12. Elisa - Jenny Craig

    Diet Quiz: Which Jenny Craig Weight Loss Plan is Right For You?

    Hi Rosemary, Thank you for your comment! We do have a few different plan options. Our Simple and Essential Meal plans are excellent for people who want to eat healthy and get delicious and chef-crafted meals delivered to their door, but are not designed for weight loss. Then, we have our most effective weight loss plan ever - Rapid Results Max - which includes all of your meals, snacks, Recharge Bars, personal coaching and flexible delivery options. We also have a Type 2 plan if you have diabetes. You can view the different plan options here. Unfortunately, we do not offer
  13. SandraAshcroft71


    Just joining (have meeting with coach at 6pm!). How many fruits and vegetables are you all eating along with your meals?


    1. ChristiS


      This can vary, depending on how many calories you are on.  There is a "fresh & free" list of veggies you can eat as many as you want.

  14. Jess1126867


    I just purchased the simple meal plan with just breakfast and lunch provided...will this help me loose weight even though I didn’t get the dinners obviously I know I need to eat healthy dinners also?

    1. JWgirl


      I think you can still lose weight by keeping your dinner to a portion size to about 250 calories plus veggies.  I have eaten a small portion of lean meat, usually chicken, fish or even a small steak,  a half of a sweet potato or white potato and a vegetable when I have eaten off plan.  If you stick in that range you should still lose weight.  






  15. TracyLW


    What fruits can I eat.  My information package doesn’t have a listing of fruit only veggies.

    1. Christine Manzione

      Christine Manzione




      link electronic guide

  16. tacknhorse


    I was so excited to start JC again after many years but than, Omg! Reading these blogs about late deliveries concerns me. I’m expecting my first order which according to an email it was received by FedEx Friday and supposed to arrive today. Unfortunately I received another email this morning not to expect until Tuesday! I’m concerned it will be thawed and not edible🥴 Not a good way to start😞

    I wish for everyone to get what they hope for. 

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    2. JWgirl


      I am sorry to here about your experience with shipping.  My food has two day shipping from an out of state warehouse and in the last year I have only had one late shipment. When the food came it was only partially thawed and I put in the freezer and it was fine.  

    3. tacknhorse


      Thanks Susan.

      I'm going to call my coach Monday a.m. to give her a heads up on my delivery notice. 
      all the best on your weight journey🦋 

    4. Susan MacLeod

      Susan MacLeod

      @tacknhorse thank you and good luck to you as well.  I hope it all arrives in good condition.    Let us know how you made out please. 

  17. Guest

    Diet Quiz: Which Jenny Craig Weight Loss Plan is Right For You?

    Is there an actual different meal plan for different people because it seems to me that its all the same? Also, if I'm gluten free it seems the meals and deserts are not gluten free, correct?
  18. Sherry1216


    So, I'm excited 😁.  I Picked up my food today to start Monday🤗  I am a returnee. I participated in JC about 15 yrs. ago. At that time it helped me, I reached my goal. Well, I need help again. The weight I am is the heaviest I've ever been. I have a lot of weight to lose. Wanting to be realistic I will try to work on losing 5 lbs a month.  I'm getting married next year and I want to look and feel my absolute best for me first and my amazing husband to be second. He says he loves me the way I am and I don't doubt that but I'm "morbidly obese" [thanks Doc.🙄] and I need to change that. Wish me luck! I wish all of you luck💕

    1. Sandy S.

      Sandy S.

      I just returned also.  The last time I was on was 20 years ago.  I liked the food before, but I think it is even more delicious.  Romano Chicken is the only thing I have decided will not be on my order again.  I like the addition of the protein bar and the prepared milk.  I am not hungry this time around!

      I am only on week 4 but lost 7 pounds.  I am not doing the Rapid Results, instead the Classic Meal Plan.  I am focusing on how convenient it all is.  Also I made a photo file on my phone and take a pic of my evening meal so I can try to remember some of the vegetable ideas I have had.  I just bought the seasoning "Salad Supreme" which has been good on the greens and on roasted veggies.  Also I brought several flavored vinegars and only use this on my lunch greens:  Lime vinegar, coconut, raspberry, mango, and tomato.  I got some at Tom Thumb and others at a specialty vinegar store.  When you are looking for a "reward" after the first couple of weeks, shop for some vinegar!  

    2. angelasue


      Do you pick your own food what plan are you on



  19. Elisa - Jenny Craig

    6 Benefits of Personal Weight Loss Coaching

    Hi Thomson, You can book a free consultation with a Jenny Craig weight loss coach! Give us a call at 866-706-4042 or book an appointment online here: https://www.jennycraig.com/appointment Have a great day!
  20. Guest

    6 Benefits of Personal Weight Loss Coaching

    Thank you for pointing out that a personal coach can help give you the accountability that you need to stick to your weight loss plan. I want to lose 30 pounds this year, so I'm considering hiring a weight loss coach. I'm going to look for a good weight loss coach to hire.
  21. sharon muscella

    sharon muscella

    i need to order food



    Good evening... just signed up... so excited....so hard to be an over 50 , early menopause woman... the weight just doesn't want to come off.... have tried Jenny in the past and decided to come back... can't wait to see what is in store for me.... I've been going to gym 3 times a week, and now that I'm getting comfortable with that, I figured the food is my next step... wish me luck... Any tips would be greatly appreciated... thanks in advanced.... keep y'all posted...  :) ... I may put a before photo up... still alittle shy on my body size... ❤️ luv your own skin right...  lol. Karen

    1. ChristiS


      Welcome back to Jenny!  I can tell you I really wish I had taken a good before photo and some progression photos.  Whether you post them or not, you will be glad you have them, so I say do it.


      If focusing on working out AND diet is hard to do at once, get the hang of the diet and then slowly start adding in exercise, again.  Studies have shown diet is more important in weight loss than diet is.  I love working out, but I really couldn't handle both when I just began my weight loss journey.


      My favorite tips:

      When you get really hungry, snack on sugar snap peas.  They are sweet, crunchy, very low in calories, and take time to chew.


      Drink lots of water.


      Drink hot tea when you get cravings or hunger, especially at night.  I keep a good variety of super yummy herbal teas on hand.  I don't know why it works so well, but it does.  Try Tazo lemon loaf tea.  Yum!


      Eat by the clock.  It takes a while for us to adjust to the smaller portions and determine when we need to eat for hunger or when we are eating out of habit.  I found if I spaced my meals and snacks out by the clock, it worked out better for me.  


      When you feel hungry, remind yourself calorie deficit is necessary to reach your goal.  Being hungry isn't a bad thing.


      Keep posting!





    2. JamiAnn


      Just turned 50 today and same issue. Perimenopause just slows the body down so much.  I just needed help taking off 10 lbs because I could not get it off by myself.  On my week 1 plan.  Good luck to you!

  23. Clhp


    On Rapid result max, day 18!  Only down 4.6 which is frustrating as I have followed each day perfectly.  Becoming frustrated- anyone else having low weight loss?  I had 18-20 pounds to lose for goal weight.  Trying to decide if I stick with it, pick up week 4 on Friday???? Cheri

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Clhp


      Thanks- onward we go!

    3. ChristiS


      You're doing great!  Stick with it.

    4. Christine Manzione

      Christine Manzione

      you are doing great, but it can be frustrating. Try a few of these things. 

      evaluate if you are eating enough veggies 

      what fats are you using?

      is there room to increase water?

      which salad dressings?

      are you eating to many frees?

      switch your milk out

      Are you recording your steps? If so add some steps. If not start so you can see where you are at. 

      The I phone and the android both have free step recording in the health app. 

      good luck


  24. Earlier
  25. lesleyelee


    Today is my first day. So far so good, but when i went to get everything for my meals today, i have already had substitute my lunch, I had no or could not find my Spaghetti and Meatballs, so i am doing day 3 for day 1.  I hope everyone has a wonderful day!! :) 

    1. ChristiS


      I have heard there have been a lot of replacements lately, and it is not always clear what the replacement is.  I think there is a list of what replaces what.  You might want to ask your consultant/coach.

    2. Susan MacLeod

      Susan MacLeod

      I am on day 4 and have found substitutions and shortages as well.   I'm just winging it and substituting where I think it should go.  I am short one dessert but I have an extra entre.  So I will have fruit for the missing dessert and save the entre for a meal I know I will not enjoy.  Tuna or Fiesta Chicken.  Lol.   But I have eaten everything so far.  Enjoyed some more than others but I am not hungry and I am down 2 lbs in 3 days.   So I have a lot of hope.  Have a great day 

  26. Paola Santiago

    Paola Santiago

    Today I started the Rapid Results program. I’m not going to lie, right now I have a lot of cravings and pretty hungry. Lol. I know this is a process, and I’m sure I am going to do just fine as the days passed. The only thing that gets me a little bit preoccupied is the fact that I like to go out on the weekends and I’m not sure if I can eat something other than the foods ( for example, things that are on mu grocery list). Can someone give me some advice? 

    Thanks! 😊

    1. Christine Manzione

      Christine Manzione

      You are totally worth it, bring your foods with you. Speak to your coach about the fact that you are out a lot, they have several non frig foods you can use. 

      Also you can have a huge salad, when you are out, and veggies. 

      You should go out, its good energy to burn, but think about how great it will be when you are at a healthier weight. Then going out will be more fun!!!





    The last 18 months have been stressful for a lot of us. It has been for me.  With the pandemic, political strife and all the changes to family dynamics my eating habits had changed resulting in weight gain. I like structure so I decided to try the Jenny Craig 4 week program to get back on track. At the time of this writing I'm on day 10. The food is good and satisfying and most importantly I do not have that bloated feeling at the end of the day  from over eating! Always a day at a time for me. I'll report my results in a few weeks. Peace and Love!   V



    Day 10 and feeling great! 

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