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Members following our Classic program, on average, lose 1-2lbs per week. Typical weight loss on the Rapid Results program is 11.6 pounds in the first four weeks and 1-2 pounds per week thereafter.

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Week 4 is over woo! Every week makes me jump with joy because of the fact that I am one step closer to my goal. I also learned an important lesson this week, as you can tell by my entry title. I was so stressed this week because I have had so many tests and huge projects that have been due, therefore my eating/exercise/sleeping patterns haven't been the best. I was pulling all nighters, constantly starving. Therefore my meals were not as spaced out as they should have been. (There was even one day when I had two snacks in one day, yikes not the best choice). Anyway, with all my stresses, I didn't make time for exercise and honestly I was starting to feel a bit under the weather (It's a winter wonderland right now here in Alberta, Canada! :blink: ), probably from the allnighters and bad habits of the week. I was so worried to weigh in thinking that I didn't lose weight or even gained as I fell into the death trap of weighing myself near the end middleish of the week. Well, I weighed in today and I lost 3.1 pounds yippeeeeee!!! I also got my measurements done and I have lost 7 inches since I've started! That was some really hardcore motivational news that I needed to hear. To think that I was almost going to reschedule my weigh in over something so silly!! This made me realize who cares if I had one semi-bad week? There is no reason to sit here and make myself worried over something I can't change, I just have to pick myself back up again. Next week I'm going to be better and work harder to be more on plan. With everything that went on this week I'm so happy to almost hit the 20 pound mark and at this rate next week I should make my goal for October - being in the 260 range!! :D

I hope (and know!!) that everyone has/had a fantastic weigh in this week!! Don't give up! And my most important advice that I deffs should have listened to a long time ago is never weigh yourself during the week. From now on I am going to wait for my JCC to do it so I don't get so worked up over it.




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Congratulations on the weight in! But more importantly congrats on the life lesson!

Even had you gained (which you didn't...HOORAY!) there is no better lesson learned than facing the music composed by your own behavior. Those lessons stick with you since you tend to kick yourself in the arse to cement it in place. ::grin:: Postponing your day in court to avoid judgement and lessen the damage doesn't pack the same whollup.

So, I say KUDOS to you for going in despite your fears! You expected the worst and went in anyways. You got a pleasant surprise instead. Sometimes life decides to play kindly. Take the gift and run. Congrats on your bravery!

Listen to the song "Fortune Presents Gifts Not According To The Book" by Dead Can Dance sometime.

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Good job! I swear, sometimes on the weeks where I think I would have backslided I actually did better than I thought. I think that as long as you stay aware of what you are and aren't doing then it can only help you improve in the long run. It's hard to space out the meals for allnighters but try and make the extra effort to have some ready-made unlimited free foods... I have a mini crock pot which has helped with getting my veggies in. I start them just before I eat dinner because I know I will be hungry around 9... I use a beefy onion broth mix and cook my carrots and green beans in that .. tastes like pot roast and probably the only way I will eat carrots. Or make yourself snack bags with fruits or veggies. Or even fruit cups. The convenience really helps enforce good habits. Good job on last week!

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RandomMongol: Funny how life works hey!! I just listened to the song you recommended and LOVED it! The words are beautiful - thank you (: Yes, that is exactly true - from now on I am always going to 'face the music'!

FaizaYagi: Thank you (: and that is a great idea!! The beefy onion broth mix with carrots sounds delish, I will have to try that for sure !

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