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Yesterday Was The First day of The Rest of My Life



Well, I started my program yesterday, although I signed up last week October 2nd. I told the center director that I would start Thursday, so make my follow-up appointment for the following Thursday. Thursday would be a good day for me, but I didn't start my program until Sunday, but it's all good.

My first day was difficult and I grabbed a Slim fast, because I was starving. That's not toe worse thing I could have done. I think it's 180k, so hopefully it won't make a difference. I only have a 4 day weigh-in, anyway, but it's OK. I started; that's the most important thing.

I started my day off with a sunshine sandqwich and it was delicious and filling. I added 10 grapes to it and now I'm having an anytime bar. I'm going to have a yogurt in a minute, as to not get too hungry. I find that when I wait a long time inbetween snacks or meals I become a little nauseous.

A I said in my profile I lost 150 lb last year and since about Februaru I have gained about 30 lb. I got carried away with enjoying everything I ate and forgot to weigh. The first time I weighed I had gaine 10 lb and before I knew it I had gained about 30 lbs. It's all good, because I nipped it in the bud and got right back to eating healthy with JC.

I need help with this, guys. I need tips on food choices and how to stretch my food, so I have a little more. Oh! I forgot......tonight I can have some sugar free Jell-o with a dollop of vanilla yogurt and some chunk pineapples on the side. That'll make my meal a little more satisfying. I'm having trouble feeling full/satisfied.

Feel free to stop by and give me some suggestions and ideas, because I am new to this thing. I have to succeed; I just have to, guys.


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You can do it, JC works, just eat everything they say. I spread everything out so I eat frequently. Drink WATER, it is so important and drink when you are hungry, before a meal, it will help. I also use sugar free popislces, they help. I don't buy the anytime bars they gave me gas, it use the pria bars, I buy them on Amazon, the chocolate mint are great. You will succeed. Good luck, Rita

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I've learned that sugar-free jello is my friend. I make it a pack at a time from Walmart ( cheaper than Jello brand) and I don't mind the little difference in taste. Also, I've found that I can add bulk to my dinner if I mix my mixed vegetables with my JC meal. Lentils and Beef go along way on top of some shredded lettuce with Califlower, broccoli and carrots from the steamable packs. I also add green beans to many meals even mac and cheese. I get plenty of veggies and a heapin plate of food.

Keep us posted. We have about the same amount of weight to go so I'll look for your progress reports in the future.

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Thanks, guys! I;m learning and all of the tips are so cool. I bought fresh broccoli, because I simply forgot about the steamables. When you eat fattening all the time you don't remember how to chose healthy alternatives. It felt so good to feel full today when I had my tuna salad kit, an anytime bar and some grapes. I was actually satisfied and I love the sunshine sandwich. I remember some of the food from 1998. lol Yep, they had a lot of this stuff back then, so I know it's good, lasting all those years. They used to have a turkey dinner that was sooooo good with raisins and prunes and walnuts in the stuffing. lmbo. I'm hungry and it's bed time. :-)

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