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Attitutde of Gratitude

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Easy to take for granted how much we have to be grateful for. This morning it dawned on me, that while I ***** and moan and whine about my commute it is the ONE thing I can attribute to bringing me CLOSER to fitness. For that I am thankful.. The rest is all a work in progress but maybe this was my sign or just the "forced hand" I needed to save myself.

There are tons of things I'm unhappy with in life right now, but as I make the list of things I can or should be happy with and about I can't help but smile - and that feels nice... It feels great actually. Feeling great is something I could get accustomed to. I often wonder about people who seem upbeat and pleasant all the time. I scoff at them and wonder' Is life really that grand'? sorry Im naturally cynical. The answer - "Whether it is or it isn't, they are choosing to approach it as such. Maybe YOU should try it too, Summa!"

With a recent birthday comes some 'birth year resolutions'. Choose to be happy and proceed with an attitude of gratitude... Even when things dont appear so great. Way too easy to get sucked into Debbie Downer (and boy have I been trying to shake her from my persona). It's like eating better and exercising - you're hardly ALWAYS in the mood, but eventually it becomes a habit and you do it naturally... I've proven I can create an exercise habit, so I can create a Positive Polly habit, can't I?

Now say bye bye debbie!

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