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Jennybean185's Ideas

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No more boring potatoes.



Yeah I get a starch... Hmm.. Not that exciting.

No problem, I can fix this.

I am a master of making that boring broccoli cheese potato look and taste like something I should not be eating. Ideas below.

I like butter, really who doesn't. Fix-I can't believe it's not butter. (My JCC says this is fine)

Sour cream must be plopped on top of my potato to complete deliciousness. Fix- Plain fat free Greek Yogurt. (Greek is denser and has a sour cream taste) Use one of your dairies for the day!

Baked potatoes must be eaten with a thick steak covered in A1 sauce Fix- Add a tsp or two of worchestire sauce.

Chives Fix- Add chives they are unlimited.

Result.. My potato looks awesome, and tastes like it should. Yum!


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Jen, I love those baked broccoli/fake cheese, little real potato. I also add the FF Greek yogurt. I also add some lemon juice for some zest. I love the chives idea. Great idea! One of these days I'm going to actually cook this the oven method. To get that nice, crisp skin. Oh, and sometimes I add one slice of American FF cheese (25 calories). Sure, it's probably not real cheese either, but I LOVE cheese. Now, if only we could have some bacon bits....Sighs....

Same with the Fish and Chips. The microwave really doesn't do it for me for that. It's good, but a real oven might make them better. I do love my potatoes and miss them so much! That and corn. Rats! Why can't I have more corn? Just because it is starchy and turns straight into sugar? LOL!

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