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A diet, huh?

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Found the blogs again




I had been blogging here for quite awhile, then I could not find the blogs.  Hopefully, I will find my way back here.  2020 was quite a ride, huh?  I'm not sure what it was like for you, but I remember, quite vividly, my last day of normalcy in 2020.  I have a group of friends I went to grad school with.  We and our husbands all get together about every three months or so (we live in different parts of the country) and have brunch or dinner and just sit around and catch up.  It's always just wonderful, whether good or bad things are going on in our lives.  We love and support one another.  Early last March, we all got together for brunch.  Already, we all brought along hand sanitizer and antibacterial wipes and were talking about that flu in Seattle and how bad it would be when it made it East.  In the cab on the way home, I remember thinking what a beautiful day it was and how eerily empty the streets were for such a glorious day.  Little did I know . . . 


That was our last day, before.  On that day, when I was looking at the menu, and deciding between eggs Florentine (light on the hollandaise) and chicken Caesar salad (no croutons, dressing on the side -- how much of a Sally would they tolerate?), I had no idea that this would be my last meal out with friends in, perhaps, a year or longer.  That I should have savored the company, the conversations, and worried less about the food.  


That Jenny Craig's menus, which I had once merely tolerated, would become a source of comfort and grace as the pandemic raged through NYC, the eerie stillness punctuated by ambulance sirens.  Perhaps it was not so odd that in a world that had been turned completely upside down, I began to count on ritual to keep me centered.  Morning meditation followed by weigh-in.  A healthy breakfast with a mug of tea.  Journaling.  Sometimes I watched television.  Sometimes I played on the internet.  My husband and I played a game called Spelling Bee we discovered on the New York Times.  It is akin to Scrabble, and has lots of encouragement.  Perfect for trying times.  My husband and I would have lunch (I would eat my Jenny Craig; he would eat his own lunch).  Afternoons, I would spend on the internet or reading.  Then, dinner.  I would eat my Jenny Craig, and my husband would eat his own dinner.  I retreated to the bedroom after dinner: Netflix and tea, or phone calls.  The rituals of life, made easier by the presence of Jenny Craig.  I felt so lucky, in the midst of the chaos, not having to give too much thought to my meals.  It sounds stupid, but it's the truth.  It doesn't hurt that the food tastes good, of course.





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OMG this is a fantastic blog entry. Clearly you should send in to the NY Times. Seriously. Are you a writer? I could relate 100%.  Well I don't have a hubby - and not that many friends here in FLA. But I remember my last day. I was at a client's business and we had a conf call that I took from my cubicle and my client took form his office. Made me understand this is serious. We chatted (I did go to his office) and discussed shopping... off I went to his secret market to buy groceries...find toilet paper etc. Took many hours in line (Where people did not social distance well). Then I go home -and basically have not left much....So grateful for Jenny and my Peloton and this forum! Would be fun to post and see more blog posts Let's start a trend? 


Net net - I love your post and appreciate you sharing and coming here. It helps all of us. 


Just keep swimmin' / flyin' / buzzin'

The Bee


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Love this blog!


Where was I when this started?  I was fixin' to go to Tulum, Mexico.  I heard there was something going on in Seattle I should be worried about.  I held a few clinic meetings to discuss what we should do to prepare, and then I took off to Mexico.  While there, I became ill.  I was screened for COVID at least a half dozen times while I coughed my head off at the airport.  I'm sure I had a fever.  I felt so terrible for the people seated around me on the plane back home.    Went back to work and held several more meetings to prepare for what was coming, and then I got sick, again.  This time, I needed a COVID test.  It was negative, but it took a week to get my results.  While I was home, COVID exploded.  I was inundated with tasks to do from my home and multiple media interviews from across the country.  


While  COVID came barreling down on me, we only saw a small trickle of actual cases in my small(ish) town.  Everyone said it was coming.  We were as ready as we could be.  And we waited.  And waited.  And waited.  There were reports of cases in some businesses, but we really didn't "know" anyone with it.  The fires that left so many in Oregon homeless came close, but missed my county.  How was my county in such a strange and undeserved safety bubble?  It made no sense.  We were not hugely or directly impacted.  I spent long days dealing with COVID, while never actually dealing directly with COVID.  


Then.   It.  Hit.


Now, the reports roll in.  My co-workers get sick.  Always, there is someone out sick.  I know some COVID long-haulers, and several people who have lost loved ones.  How do we convince people to stay home?  My family gets mad at me for being so safe.  My employees and providers look exhausted.  They say, "Why doesn't anyone care about us?"  And it goes on, and on, and on.  When will it end?


And the divorce.  Let's not forget the divorce.


So, what has kept me going through this?  I'd love to say it's the Jenny food like you.  It's not that.  Certainly, this community gives me ritual, sanity, and a social outlet that means so much to me.  Then, there's Sydney's workouts.  I will always remember how Sydney kept me fit throughout COVID.


As you see, for me, COVID came on slow and fast all at once.  How does that happen?

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