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A diet, huh?

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Back home after a month of travel

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We spent most of the month of May traveling.  First, we went to Israel, for the wedding of one of my dearest friends.  It is a long trip from the East Coast to Israel, but we were so happy to go, and see our friend, and attend this happiest of events.  Yes, we were quite jet lagged, though we barely had a chance to feel it, as we were so busy.  We had a wonderful time, from the bachelorette party to the wedding to the post-wedding breakfast.  Then it was on to Jerusalem, which was awe-inspiring.  Seeing the Western Wall, touching it, leaving my prayers there, well, what more is there to say, really?  We toured Jerusalem and saw so many beautiful, historic sites.  


Here's what's interesting: I ate more than usual (I think).  The Mediterranean menu naturally served everywhere there, coupled with lots of walking, seems to work, though, because neither my husband nor I gained an ounce the entire time we were there.  Clearly, there is a lesson to be learned from this part of our journey.


The latter part of the month of May we spent in Puerto Rico, for my nephew's 8th grade graduation.  Initially, we had no intention of attending this event.  However, my nephew has been depressed since the death of my father, and we decided to go.  Family is important.  It was a lot of fun!  Interesting, too.  When I graduated from 8th grade, there was a small ceremony, and a party afterwards.  We were all home by midnight, I think.  These kids had their graduation ceremony.  Then a weekend at a hotel.  Holy . . . Wow!  Major event!  I should say events.  There was a dance (most of the adults pretty much went to bed and let the kids dance until 3:00 am -- let the chaperones deal with them).  The next day there was a beach party for the kids (complete with bonfire) while the adults had a more relaxed BBQ.  Later on there was a cocktail party with karaoke for the adults while the kids had yet another party (this was their farewell party).  It was all very sweet.  By the end, I was exhausted.  But my nephew had a wonderful time, which was the point.  And I only gained a pound or so.  I can deal with that.


Now, it is time to be home for the summer and get down to the business of weight loss.  I have books downloaded on my Kindle.  Currently reading Searching for Sylvie Lee (if you need a book for June, this one is fantastic).  I also need to get back into the daily practice of meditation, which I have dropped, for some reason.  I really need to get back to that.  Basically, I feel like I need to get back into daily habits: Meditation.  Blogging.  Etc.  My life became such a shambles in the spring, when my father's condition deteriorated and then when he passed away.  I feel, now, like I need to pick up the pieces of my life and become me again.  I don't know if that makes any sense.  So, if you want to go on this journey with me, welcome.  And be warned.  I ramble a lot.

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