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Members following our Classic program, on average, lose 1-2lbs per week. Typical weight loss on the Rapid Results program is 11.6 pounds in the first four weeks and 1-2 pounds per week thereafter.

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Gettin' My JAM on!

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I'm Back for a tune up

Ms Jam


April 9th, 2019 - I made the appointment at Jenny Craig.  I had been feeling lost this past 4 plus months.  My weight had been creeping up.  It started around Thanksgiving, and by the end of February - It was up a good 10 pounds, and by the end of March .... 15.  IKES.  I can pin point one specific thing ..... but the less obscure thing was the fact that I went Vegan in October.  At first with great success ..... feeling fabulous, curing constipation, eating lots of veggies, fruit, beans and legumes, and whole grains.  But by Thanksgiving - I found myself adding more and more JUNK food (Vegan no doubt - HA!  But JUNK).  I would falter back and forth from eating really "clean" to "clean" plus JUNK.  As the winter marched onward - I was eating more "Vegetarian", as milk products kept finding a way in - PLUS the bouts with JUNK.  UGGG.  My weight was marching upward all this time.


Finally, the first weekend in April - I knew this "Vegan" quest was undoing me.  Maybe it works for "Rip Esselstyn" but I wasn't able to master it in Maintenance. 

LESSON #1 - If something ISN"T working ........ STOP IT!  No matter how "righteous" it sounds!!!!!!


I suddenly realized I needed to GET BACK TO JENNY and reinforce some of the things I had previously learned.  I stewed about it all of Sunday night, because of the "Cons".  The Cons to me are:  COST.   PRIDE - In thinking, I knew what to do on my own, if I could just muster up a plan.  and INCONVENIENCE of the 90 minute drive to my center.  COST is by for the biggest Con.  But I reminded myself it can be my biggest .... PRO.  Because if I'm going to make this type of investment, I am motivated beyond belief to not WASTE the money by playing around with it!!!!   By Monday morning I picked up the phone and made an appointment.  BEST DECISION EVER.   The center was quiet, so Amber spent an hour with me, really talking through how this happened.  I left knowing, there is no shame in saying - This is a life long Journey for me - but I have the BEST solution for ME, and I will keep working on this, for AS LONG AS IT TAKES.  


LESSON #2.  I need Exercise.  At my age - it's just an equally important component to my health, as what I eat.  My journey over the past few years hasn't really included exercise.  I walked, in season (warm that is!), but other than that haven't ever exercised.  This go around Amber raised her eyebrows, when I said "I'll walk 30 minutes"  :)


LESSON #3.   I need much more accountability and training from my JCC in Maintenance.  I really didn't get it the first time around.  I can't blame them.  I didn't really ask enough questions, and I am the kind of person who pushes the program away at Maintenance.  This time I won't.  Amber reminded me to SELF ADVOCATE - set up an hour appointment to learn the maintenance JC plan - then to GET TO THE CENTER every week while I'm learning it, just like I did when I was first learning in the very very very beginning when I found JC!!!   And .... to follow the Maintenance as outlined ..... EXACTLY.  Just like I did in following my JC meal program.


So - Hear I go.  I'm so thankful I have J.C. - It really has been my path to a healthier me.  I'm not done, and I won't quit.  But I'm in a much better place than I was a few years ago when I first started!  The Journey continues!!!!!IMG_3811.thumb.jpg.ac04ad2c409c1ddf78ba9567193a24d3.jpg


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xtine danielle


Absolutely love this. I am with you, girl! I lost big on Jenny before a few years ago and did not see the maintenance portion, through. Well, that is definitely NOT the case this time. Like you said, the journey continues~!!!! :)


I am excited for you and for us! We got this!! The JC plan is such a blessing.  I'm still in the weight loss phase but I cannot wait to get down to learning all things JC maintenance. 


Love the picture you shared, too! Very motivating and encouraging.

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@xtine danielle  - Very exciting to follow your journey - as you WILL do this!  Let me know when you get to maintenance phase and share your "ins and outs"!  I think that portion of the plan is my most important goal this go around!  It's so easy to follow JC meal plan.  If $$$ didn't stop me - I think I'd stay with JC food forever!!  But that being unrealistic for me - I am going to learn my way through maintenance.  Let's do this!!!

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I loved reading this.     I can't wait to follow your journey.      I can relate to everything you said.

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Hi lady!!   It’s going great!!!!  I’m at a really good place and popped back in here, so that the holidays don’t undo me!!!  I’ll log on more and catch up with you on the boards!  Miss you all!! ☺️

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