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A diet, huh?

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The food arrives tomorrow

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I'm scared, excited.  It's a big day.  When I did Jenny last time, I had this DVD/CD set "Touchstones for Success."  I couldn't find it, so I ordered it off Amazon.  I started listening to it again today (it even came with the little pouch filled with touchstones -- cute!).  Things like becoming the compassionate observer (not being self-critical and overly restrictive when it comes to weight loss, and moving instead to an affirming, compassionate POV) and finding internal sources of motivation (moving my thought process from why I should do this to why I deserve this or why I will do this ).


It's a lot.  I put food into my body, sure.  But I also put thoughts, ideas, dreams into my consciousness.  All of these things become a part of my being.  I am on this journey because I deserve a better life: one filled with good health, mobility, adventures, and longevity.  I want to enjoy my life, not merely endure it.  I want to be an active participant for as long as I can.  I want to continue to travel alongside my husband, to explore the world, to meet new people.


So tomorrow, I start on my latest journey.



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