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A diet, huh?

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So, it's been awhile

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Ten years ago, I was a little heavier.  Well, no, I was a lot heavier.  I was the heaviest I had ever been.  At 4'11" and over 125 lbs., I was seriously overweight, and I needed to make some changes.  I had tried WW, dieting on my own, starving myself.  The pounds kept creeping up.  Finally, I joined Jenny Craig.  I won't say that the weight came off magically or anything.  But it came off, slowly, at first.  Then more quickly.  Exercise helped.  I hit my first goal.  Then, I hit my second goal.  I was at the weight I had been when I got married.  Then I was below that weight.  Now I was looking at new possibilities: hitting targets that put my BMI in the low range of my target BMI.  Could I do it?  I did. I lost the weight and kept it off for years.  My profile picture is me at my thinnest in 2012.


I kept the weight off for years, but something happened after I hit menopause.  The weight started to creep back up.  At first I would quickly diet.  "Exercise self control," I would tell myself, as I basically starved myself for a few days (or longer), living on tea, water, and Diet Coke so that I could slip back into those elusive skinny jeans.  Oh, this is healthy.  You are such a wonderful role model.  But the pounds were creeping up on me, and the clothes were too tight.  I could not hide from the fact that my metabolism had changed, my body was different.  On a small frame, I was 10-12 pounds heavier than I wanted to be.  Time to face reality.


Anyway, when I stepped on the scale and saw the number, I knew it was time to call JC again.  Because I love cake.  A lot.  But I love being happy and mobile and fitting into my clothes just a little bit more.  I think.  It all depends on the cake.  And what kind of day I've had.  And who designed the clothes.  So I guess we'll have to see what I love more, cake or fitting into my clothes.  I hope those JC chocolate lava cakes are good.  My first delivery of food arrives on Thursday, and my JCC calls on Thursday night.  I hope she's nice.  I hope she's at least a chocoholic. . . . 



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