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Ang M


I see that my last blog post was January of 2017. That means I am coming up on two years since I quit JC and decided to try other options. Just for the record, nothing worked and I got to my highest weight of 316 pounds before I finally sought help from a doctor.

I have lost 32 pounds since May. And it feels good. But I have been here before - so that is why I am back to JC. Of all the things I tried, I feel that the JC Community was by far the most supportive and most helpful. I picked up my food and had my first meeting with my JC consultant last night. Today I sit here feeling pretty good. 

Before I started writing today I went back and reread my previous blogs along with the comments. My last post was very negative and discouraged - One of the comments encouraged me to 'get deep into it' and 'read and reread all the JC literature'. I am here to get deep into it. I am here to make this a lifestyle. I am here to get support and to offer support.

I am happy to say that Wednesday, November 14, 2018, was the start of my New Beginning.

New Beginings.png

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Serena - Jenny Craig


@Ang M Welcome back to Jenny Craig! You know Jenny Craig works and we can certainly help you reach your weight loss goals!  We are so glad to hear your first Consultation went so well, it is so important that you feel comfortable with how you look. Wishing you the best of luck :) 

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