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Week 1: Success!

JNY from the Block


I have been on every "diet", fad and otherwise, known to mankind. They work for a bit, I can lose around 8 or 9 lbs and then I fall off the wagon.  I have spent a great deal asking myself why that is?  Why can my friend lose 60lbs on Isagenix and keep it off and I can't stay on it for 2 solid days?  How can my husband lose 30lbs eating BACON and I can't. Here's why-I haven't actually committed to a plan in YEARS.  Not once.  I pick and choose the elements of the plan that suit me at the time, as long as I don't have to give up my 2 glass of wine a night (ok sometimes more) habit!  You know where that got me....60lbs heavier over the last 14 years.  I always had a reason that I couldn't focus on myself..didn't have time bc of the kids, travelling, couldn't afford it... We've all told ourselves those stories. About a month ago, I took my oldest daughter (20) on a girls weekend trip to Miami Beach and we had a BLAST.  It was such a wonderful time, just her and I.  She's in college with a boyfriend blah blah blah.  I don't get the quality time with her like I used to. She took TONS of pictures....OF ME...IN MY BATHING SUIT!  She was documenting our awesome weekend away and kindly asked my permission before posting to Facebook but OUCH!  I honestly think I had been in denial all these  years about how big I had actually gotten because all of my pictures had to go through Quality Control before I'd allow them online.  It was really an eye opener for me and required me to seriously consider how I was going to handle this.  Am I going to continue pretending I don't have time and my cute personality will get me by while eating cheese and drinking my chardonnay?  I'm way past the, "I'll just eat healthy for a few weeks" phase, this will need to be a long term commitment. That's when I decided that I can't continue to play these games with myself and called Jenny Craig!  I have a super supportive husband and another teenager at home who works quite a bit and the timing felt right.  We don't have any major "events" coming up for the next 2 months while I get settled on the program which has always been one of my issues in the past.  I'd try to lose weight for an event and not for myself and my well being.  So, the stage is set for success....


Fast forward 1 week.... down 6.1lbs!!!  I have read in other blogs, not to complicate it.  I am taking this 1 week at a time and my goal for the first week was just to stay on plan for 7 days.  For the first time in my life, I was honest with myself(because apparently it took 46 years to learn that if I am not, I'm only cheating me...) and I kept my "blinders" on.  I ate only what was written on my menu sheet, and my pre-measured salads, veggies etc.  Did I miss my wine?  Actually NO.  That was a habit my body was ready to break!  I've slept better than I have in years and aside from the **** monthly visitor that showed up this morning...feel fantastic!  I would like to use this space to document what hopefully will be a new relationship with food/wine and myself.  

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