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Members following our Classic program, on average, lose 1-2lbs per week. Typical weight loss on the Rapid Results program is 11.6 pounds in the first four weeks and 1-2 pounds per week thereafter.

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Slow Goes The Journey

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The Slowest Loser



I figure I could quite possibly be the slowest person to lose weight on Jenny Craig and still be on the program. I first started Jenny Craig in April 2017 with about 60 pounds to lose. I could probably stand to even lose a little more but even at 51 years old, with decades of adult life behind me, I’ve never actually figured out what my ideal weight should be. I picked a goal weight that just tips me into the “normal” range for my height. At 5’8” most BMI calculators say I should weigh between 122-164 pounds so I’m going for 164.


Which brings up a point... I’ve always been incredibly irritated by the concept of BMI. “They” (the mysterious people out there who write important things) say that height/weight charts are inadequate and we should use BMI instead. So they come up with a formula that uses height and weight to come up with a number. I’m sorry, but that is the exact same thing as using a height and weight chart! It still completely disregards body composition, meaning muscular people will be judged overweight, while someone with very little muscle could be totally flabby and out of shape but not be considered to be overweight.


But I digress. So having arbitrarily come up with a goal, I began my latest journey. I say latest, because probably like most people here, this ain’t my first rodeo. I’m sure my tale is a common one. I started high school back in 1980 weighing 144lbs and thinking I was fat. It didn’t help that I had teeny tiny friends that complained that stores just didn’t sell clothes in sizes smaller than 00. I would compare the tree trunks I had for legs to their little chicken legs and think, “Ug! Fat!”  Or I had those friends that were 5’10” and would get their too small jeans wet and lay down on the bed and slither into them. And I remember when 17 Magazine would publish the stats of their models. Hey, she’s 5’11” and weighs 118lbs. Confirmed! I’m fat! I’m 3 inches shorter and 25lbs heavier. Looking back, I was probably perfect. Isn’t it true that we never appreciate what we have until it’s gone? What a waste!


The rest is history.  Loathing my body and armed with plumeting self esteem, I headed off to college to gain the Freshman 15.  Creep, creep, creep. Up the weight went year after year. Graduated, got married, got a job, life revolved around social eating. I hit my peak at 224lbs and that was the last straw. I did not want to turn 30 as a fat woman. I joined Weight Watchers and was completely devoted to that program,  I lost 80lbs in one year. I got down to 147lbs. Almost my high school weight. I still thought my thighs were fat though. Looking back now at photos, my face was gaunt and I looked too thin (and my thighs were NOT fat). That weight was impossible to maintain.  Creep, creep, creep. Pregnancy and two kids later. Weight watchers again and triathlon training. Lost 20 or so pounds. Creep, creep. Back all the way up to 222.2lbs. Almost to my highest weight. 


So here I was again. April 2017 and joining Jenny Craig. This time it wasn’t fast. I lost pretty steadily for about 8 months, just slowly. Then slower, then not at all. I spent from March to July of this year losing and gaining the same 2 lbs. I’ve buckled down now and have again started losing steadily for the past 5 weeks but just about a half pound a week. I’m OK with that though. As long as it keeps going down, I’m making progress. 


17 months on program and I’ve lost 38lbs. 20lbs to go. At this rate I’ll be at goal next June. I’d actually like to get to goal by the end of this year. We’ll see. I’ve said to some other people recently that you can control how well you stick to the program but you have no control over the results that reflect on the scale. So I’ll have to keep working the program and be content that I will acually get there in the end, even if it takes a while. 



Recommended Comments

First of all, what a great picture!  Is that the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas?  You look awesome!  


I do understand your frustration.  I think most of us have been there.  Oh and that stupid BMI calculator!  OMG!  I am so with you on that stupid thing!  I HATE THE BMI CALCULATOR!!!  I think we should all try to feel good in our own skin.  We should try to be as healthy as we can and keep our body moving.  Don't get me wrong when I say "as healthy as we can".  I'm not saying to eat leaves and twigs!  I believe everything in moderation.  I could never be a vegan!  (not knocking those who are)


Isn't it sad that we let society, magazines, movies and friends dictate how we think we should look and feel?  I am totally guilty.  I, like you, feel like I have "tree trunks" for legs.  I remember telling my JCC that I felt like I had the biggest thighs in America.  She told me to google that.  I was like huh?  She said google "biggest thighs in America, I promise you that you will feel differently".  Yes, I realize I don't actually have the biggest thighs in America, but that is where I gain my weight.


I remember reading something that said, "If you could give someone $1500 and never gain another pound, would you do it?".  Where the **** do I send the money?  I will triple it!  Can someone make this happen, please!!!  I have also learned on my journey that just because someone is tiny, does't mean they are happy.  We all (unfortunately) have something we can (and do) complain about. Something we aren't happy with.  My sister thinks I'm small and calls me a Skinny *****...(kidding of course) but does that make my feelings invalid?  Does that mean that what I feel about myself isn't real?  NO!


I have tried many diets as well (ever heard of HcG??) and jenny was the best for me.  It's hard, it takes a lot of work and no it's not fun.  I love to eat.  I love food.  There, I said it.  


I know this is very jumbled and I apologize.  I hope that somewhere in here, you got what I was trying to say.  You are important and so is your journey.  It is YOUR journey and it will be different from mine or anybody else's.  We have to learn to stop comparing ourselves to others.  We are different, we look different and talk different.  We have different hair color and skin color.  We live in different areas, and drive different cars.  We are short, tall, big boned, muscular or flabby and we all lose weight differently.  But we are all HUMAN and are feelings matter and they are important. ❤️ 



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Truth!!! I love your comment and thanks so much for your encouragement. I totally get what you’re trying to say and definitely agree! Yes, I think that was the Venetian. We went for our 25th anniversary in August and we were on our way to the Italian restaurant. I took Jenny food for breakfasts, lunch and snacks. I ate out one meal a day and my hubby was so supportive. He went along with splitting entrees so I wouldn’t be tempted to eat too much. I did some drinking (how could I not?) but finished the 4 day trip and the week only gaining a pound and then lost it the next week - learning to adapt to life!

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Support from our Spouses, significant others, friends, relatives etc is so very important!!!  My husband is very supportive and it means the world to me.  We often split entrees in restaurants as well, especially if they have free appetizers...ie: chips and salsa (I love Mexican food!!) Most restaurant portions are HUGE and plenty for two especially if you get a salad as well.  At our favorite Mexican place, we get chicken fajitas for 1 with an extra tortilla and we split it.  We each make 2 fajitas and have plenty of food.  I don't eat the rice so DH gets that, and I don't use the cheese and very little of the sour cream.  Works out perfectly for us ❤️ 


25 years!!  How AMAZING!!  Congratulations!  I don't know when this pic was taken but still!!    Sounds like you did awesome.  Only one problem....NOW I WANT TO GO BACK TO VEGAS!!!  HAHA



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Great picture!


I may be the second slowest loser, LOL.

I started in March 2018 and this week I reached my goal of losing 20 pounds! Woo-hoo!

I can't believe it took me this long to lose 20 pounds, but you know what? It doesn't matter. I did it.

I think it actually helped that it took a long time because I learned a lot about myself. I tried every trick in the book to work around this plan, and then after exhausting every trick, I started working out and following the calorie intake, and it all worked.

There is no real timeline-just remember you are on a journey and you can reach the goal. 


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Thanks for your comment! I too know all the tricks. Nov was a bit of a setback for me but now I’m back on track and following al the rules again 

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