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Date #2 Playa del Carmen



Hey Guys - Just thought I would write a quick post. I am having a blast dating this man I met. He lives in Maryland and buying a home in Texas... So sort of a traveler. He is 62 (I'm 55) and he is retired and we met here in Florida - and he asked me for Date #1 (weekend in Austin and San Antonio... and Date 2 Thursday - Monday in Playa Del Carmen. SO grateful to have the weight off for these summer trips - bathing suits and the like. I just go do stuff and love to look good - and when I don't (extra skin crepy skin, wrinkles) I don't obsess. Easy to do when you are thinner - hard to be ok with that and extra weigh running around in a suit. For me anyway.


So, we flew down together form Ft Lauderdale and then had a ride to the hotel - checked in and hit the beach... The resort was very nice - we had a gorgeous master bedroom, guest room (me) 2 bathrooms, kitchen, liv room, jacuzzi... and for the last 2 days we had a spectacular view of the ocean.  Next day I awake at like 4:30 and get dressed for snorkeling. We were going to meet a private guide at 7:10 and I did not realize what time it was. So there I was already at like 5:15 am. whoops. I woke Greg up and said c'mon. He thought I was adorable.... Anyhoo.. eventually we went to meet Eddie. Well, somehow we screwed that up - and did not book Eddie. So we schedule him for Sunday and decided on Plan B. We went running like 5 miles.. explored a nearby local beach and then went back to the pool. Had amazing Shrimp ceviche and fattening banana chips with Green tomatillo sauce (and drinks - ill spare you the details). 


That night we went to 5th Ave - lots of local shops, fun music, performers. We had a drink at a great spot and then dinner at an Italian place. Then music at the bar. What an amazing day. 


Next day, we went on a Catamaran trip with snorkeling, drinking, lunch etc. Phenomenal. Then the pool for the rest of the day  (back to shrimp ceviche.. Yum!!). 

That night we went to a restaurant that was amazing!!!!  At least atmosphere was unbelievably special and the food was good... not as good as say the to NY Chefs..but good.. and pretty. 



sue and greg pavo rale dinner.JPG

81093bdc-b897-4650-837f-1d50819d073f (2).jpg




Playa donkey.JPG


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We don't even know each other, but your post made me smile and made me genuinely so happy for you! You look great and so happy!

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Sounds like you had a great time.  What an adorable guy too!  I'm glad you decided to go ❤️ 

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Well now I've caught up some!!  You just look fantastic!  And so HAPPY!!!  I LOVE it - LOVE it - L O VVVVV E it!!!!!  



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OK well was about to write a blog entry and just saw this. Well, I did have fun on our date... But alas broke up with Greg 6 months later (a day or so ago). Though I loved out outings in theory - a lot of times I was just not that into him. I so wanted to be. I wanted to be giving and loving - and make him smile -which I guess I could and did do, but the reverse was not true. Try as he might - he just wasn't for me. 


Anyhow - I never ever would have had this adventure when I was 246.25 or 210 (Pre-Jenny) weight. So I am grateful to be on Jenny (I Sort of continue off and on since I hit maintenance) and am grateful to be able to not worry so much about how I look - and just say yes to running around in a bathing suit. That was a huge plus for Greg - I did not feel self-conscious about my cellulite and stuff - he was accepting. ) OK, moving on.... 


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