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Members following our Classic program, on average, lose 1-2lbs per week. Typical weight loss on the Rapid Results program is 11.6 pounds in the first four weeks and 1-2 pounds per week thereafter.

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I feel scared that this won't work.  I am 47 .  What if it is too late?  What if my metabolism has slowed down too much? 


I cannot believe how horrible it feels to gain weight back.  I feel repulsed and depressed.  I am not hideous, and for that I am glad.  I just hate the thick layer of fat around my waist and hips. 


Can a person really lose weight eating processed food?  Can I?  


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I just posted a response about this very topic.  The gist:  I'm 70, had gained weight over time and couldn't lose even a pound on my own.  Even tried WW, nothing.  I was afraid my age plus all those past diets had messed up my metabolism beyond return.


I tried Jenny, highly skeptical that I could lose weight at this age.  That was mid April.  As of today, I'm 20 pounds lighter, even below my goal weight.


If I can do this, YOU can do this.  Just follow the plan exactly, add exercise if you can, keep going, and you will see results. 

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This program works, just believe in yourself, and do not let your fears take over. I started this program at 278.4 pounds with the goal of 130 (which seemed impossible) but I made small goals along the way and here I am a little over a year later and I weigh 134.8 only 4.8 pounds from my original goal. I chose to call my Jenny goal at 137.4 so that I could prove to myself and others, that I would still be able to lose weight eating on my own and have done great (in my opinion). Jenny not only provides a structured meal plan that is easy to follow, but it also provides the support needed throughout your journey as well as education for when you have met your goals.


On this journey I found that it was more of a mental battle with myself than anything else, but once I dedicated myself to the program it got easier. These forums are one of the best things about the program, it is one thing to have a support system at home, but to have a support system that has been or is where you are means a lot more. We are all here for you, whether we know you personally or not. The day that you signed up to start your Jenny journey you became part of a family.


You've got this! And together we can accomplish anything.

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@crazyjojo You got this! I lost 70ls and I started at age 53... These processed foods are in your freezer and ready every meal, every day. You never have to think about what to make for dinner.. and my results are amazing. I lost 1 -2 lbs a week, lost HUGE number son cholesterol (can't recall, but the doctor was astounded!!!)  liKE @Tricia_Marie indicated the forum support is key - a place where you make friends learn what others are doing. SO I sooo hope you check in at least 1 time a day.... And write on the forum posts and let us know any issues or successes. You got this. My highest weight was a size 24W - and I am a size 6. I look better than I ever have in my life... It is my belief you get one life to live on this earth - and why waste another moment thinking negatively about your weight .. or having to start a diet.   I did the plan that cost more - and chose whatever I wanted for my entrees.. and I lost weight - slow and steady. Moving in this world in a lighter body is Much much much much much easier. So yes - you can do it. Scared? Be scared off achieving your dreams That's what is in store for us.


Please let us all know you are on the plan...or starting now (If you strayed at all )..... Either way, let us support you.. come post on the daily sharing thread or any of them and we will find you. 


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You can do this at any age!  Jenny has already done the measuring and such for you!  Just let the program work for you.  Don't over think it.  You will be fine.  I do agree that these forums are a huge part of it.  Post often and read everything!!!  You got this!

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I started on JC when I was 54 (57 now) and I will tell you IT WORKS!  Yes you must follow the prescribed plan for it to work - but unlike ANYTHING else I ever tried - THIS is actually easy to stay on, because the food entree's are EVERYTHING you ever dreamed of eating and never knew you could eat while loosing weight!  The biggest lesson I learned - was RE-learning PORTION CONTROL!   I am now almost 18 months maintaining!!!!!   That is HUGE from someone who "dieted" their way through life!!!  I don't diet anymore!  I've truly CHANGED the way I look at food, eat food and look at "what's healthy for me.


Keep us posted on your Journey!

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You can do this at any age!!


 My mom is 80 and she has 40lbs to lose. After 4 weeks... she has already lost 10.5lbs. I’m so proud of her. She feels so much better/lighter on her feet. 


I lost 12.3lbs after 4 weeks!  It works!  Stick with it. Just eat the JC meals and believe in yourself. Once you start seeing results it will motivate you to keep pushing on!  Cmon....you got this!


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Say this to me now precious one, “I can do this!” I know the fear. I started Jenny Craig 1.5 years ago at the age of 50 and have lost 38lbs so far. I find it very slow going and maybe that’s from doing this later in life with a slow metabolism but regardless, it is working! No matter how slow it goes, just don’t give up. You are worth it! Here’s what I tell myself about the pains of slow weight loss at my age - the longer it takes to lose the weight, I figure my body will maybe be tricked into not thinking it needs to slow my metabolism further to prevent what it thinks is impending starvation. Also that slow loss will maybe allow my skin time to bounce back and not be too saggy, because face it, my skin is not what or used to be!


To further inspire you, my mom started JC in October 2016 and weighing 240lbs. She has lost 100lbs and is at goal. She’s is 74 years old.

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You can do this! I am 56 and this is the first time I have been able to lose weight in years! It really does work. Good luck!

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This is what I need to see/read.  I am 50, and ever since menopause a couple of years ago, the weight has been creeping up on me.  The last few months, though?  Wow!  The pounds have been sticking to me, and I am now ten pounds overweight. It does not sound like much, but on my frame (I am 4'11"), it is a LOT.  I have tried other diets, but years ago, JC worked for me, and I kept the weight off for long time.  


So, yesterday, when I saw the scary number on the scale, and realized the potential health consequences, I decided to call Jenny again.  I have been scared that it's too little, too late, though.  Let's face it, my body is different now.  I am post-menopausal, and my metabolism is just slower now.  Reading this thread gives me hope that it is not too late for me, and that I will be able to lose the weight and keep it off.  It's daunting, but I can do this.  We can do this.  Together.

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