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Sad... today ... Checkin In



OK Gang - well up early and did a Beach Body workout (Day 6 or so of Obsession - I don't do them straight - but it was leg day)>. Since then I have been cleaning the house and checking in with email etc. Today I am feeling very sad. Work is a tad slow... and yesterday My sister and brother in law and I took Junior out for a farewell lunch, He goes to NYC for his work for the summer - and moves out of my parent's house. He leaves early Tuesday. 


So Mom died March 5 - and I was not ready - no one was. It was not expected - though maybe it should have been as she was dealing with another round of chemo etc. But net net we were not ready, ANd so these past few months we have cleaned out the house. Yesterday after lunch with jUnior I went to take anything left that I wanted to my house ... AS I am having surgery tomorrow (tweaking the work I had done in December - Big Brest lift and implant (7 hour surgery) due to weight loss) anyway - the girls are a little uneven and it shows - so we are moving the implant or changing it out (we'll see) so smaller surgery but surgery none the less - maybe 1-2 hours under) . Anyway, I wanted to lift and move whatever was left so my brother in law did not have to do it - while I was still pre-surgery. Anyway, that was kind of final and sad. The house is closing on June (or so.. somewhere in June.. and then where will Mom be?ANd that house was not really her - 2 years ago we moved her and my Dad from 45 minutes away from us to 20 minutes so she was closer. That home did not really feel like her - Since dad was not doing well then and soon a year later or so neither was she. So still it hurts to get rid of the house. 

Sadness is really a bit of boredom too. Once my job picks up that will resolve itself.... I'm cleaning the house and getting ready for 1) surgery 2) trip to cousins Florida home for the weekend and 3) trip to Montreal for training for work for a week... SO maybe some anxiety on hanging at a house for the weekend - without my Jenny food. 


SO after just writing about hanging for the weekend without Jenny food. Maybe I will bring some things. 

OK Breakfast - every day I have Kodiak pancakes (I am sooo compulsive FYI) love them - but we are talking 2 mornings Sat (we leave from home - so Sat eat at home) sun at Cousins, and Monday cousins. My cousins eat healthily - let it go. 


OK, I'll pack salad dressing... and some fruit and I will be fine. I'll bring a nice water bottle - maybe I'll go buy a pretty funky new one for the event - bring it to Montreal. Bring Tea and stevia as well and my new Coffee creamer Nut POds. I used to use the JC vanilla Creamer - both are good - but be sure and measure the calories and include in your totals. 1 tbsp.of this is 10 calories. just is dairy free .. Almonds I think. 


OK, i'll continue with the cleanup and write reviews for work.   Stil feeling sad - but writing and checking in here helps. 


OK off to Jenny today too - just going to say hello to Madeline - weigh in after my dismal or less exciting weigh-in Saturday - and just say hi... get cheered up and maybe help some others too - show my thin self.


Also, I feel like I am getting back to Jenny - post cleanse and getting the house stocked with my success factors: 

1) Lemon juice in ice cube trays (I ad to hot water in morning -helps digestion and body before breakfast

2) Keep drinking water - make cran water or drink plain 70 ounces per day 1/2 my weight

3) have veggies in-house and seltzer things that make me happy

4) Have treats available - either Artic Zero or other concoction (Almond Milk and Cacao or something for a treat at night) 







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OHHHH Sweetheart - I'm SO sorry to read about your Mom ?  I remember when she was dealing with Chemo last year and can't believe she is gone.  I lost my Mom to cancer 9 years ago and still miss her like crazy.  I know you wrote this back in June - but I am now just catching up.  Love to you dear girl.  

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