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My Jenny Journey to Success

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Made It To Week Six! WTG Me!



I made it to week six. Praise God!


I have lost a total of 18.7 pounds in five weeks:

Week 01: 10.8

Week 02: 03.8

Week 03: 01.2

Week 04: 01.9

Week 05: 01.0


I am still trying to lose a much weight by the time I am required to take my physical for a new position. First I have the interview next week and I am sure my clothes are going to look a lot better on me with the reduction of almost 19 pounds. But the time my interview rolls around I will have my next weigh-in, so perhaps I can be done a full 20 pounds by then. That only an additional 1.3 pounds. It is reasonable to lose that amount within a week. 


I found a new route to walk at work. Still trying to keep it under 20 minutes but the week after next, I am going to step it up to a 30-minute walk. Since the weather is nicer I love the walk outside, but if it starts to get too hot, I will try walking earlier or stay inside and walk the corridor as I was doing initially. Today I left my pedometer at home, so that really bummed me out today and I didn't do my walk. 


Praise God for blessing me with the willpower to get to week six. I know once He brings me to it, He will bring me through it. To God be all the glory.


God bless,



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Awesome job!!!! KEEP GOING!!! Keep reading and posting... and drinking water, THink about whats next - how you will maintain. You got this.... and you re awesome. 

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Thank you so very much for the words of encouragement. They are greatly appreciated. I am in this for the long haul. My goal is to lose 50 pounds by the end of the year and then perhaps set another 30-50 pound goal.


God Bless!


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