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Once again back on Jenny



Hey yeah guys,


It's been forever since I posted this is my new blog, hopefully I keep at it with this. I'm going back to Jenny tomorrow and starting on Sunday. I've done this program so many times that hopefully this is the last time that I'm on it. I'm gonna work my butt off to be able to keep off this weight because, I'm so tired of the heartburn and being tired all the time. Can't wait to start this journey again and hopefully for the last time. Praying this works, so they say 3 times the charm that it works? about 5th time?? 


I'll see you guys in a week!


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Hi CanadianForever!


I too just came back to Jenny - probably my 8th time rejoining!  This is it, I'm tired of being overweight.  Let's do this together!!!  I'll check this site everyday to see if you need some encouraging!!  Good luck!!  I know you'll do it!!

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Welcome back// POst on the forum DAILY... Read the forum daily too - lots of great ideas.. and focus. ABsolutely know what you are going through. I am so grateful to be down 70 pounds as of a year or so ago and sticking with it. One thing I have not done - is left the forum - I need to stay connected and hopefully help people and be inspired. 


You got this!!

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Hi !  I am a returning Jenny member too. Like you I am really committed to this being the last time and getting this weight off. Good luck!

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