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At my center, there is only one consultant that does everything. She is NEVER on time, which is a HUGE problem for me because I go there from work and I need to get home so that I can get my homework done. Today, and every week, my appointment is at 1720 hours (5:20 PM). My consultant didn't see me until approximately 1745 hours (5:45 PM). 


Last week at my appointment my consultant started a conversation about which fast food restaurant had the best French fries and then which had the best milkshake. I told her she was making me hungry. Are you seriously having this conversation with me? She is about the size of my pinky and I asked if she had ever done Jenny Craig. Although she said she had done Jenny Craig to lose 10 pounds for a wedding, I didn't believe her. She looks like she has never had a weight problem before in her life. While we were having this conversation I noticed a Chick-Fil-A cup on her desk and I know it was not filled with water.


I would like another consultant but there is only one person working in the center that I go to. This is particularly frustrating since I signed up for the long haul. I would like to get my money back and switch to a shorter program, but not sure if they will allow me to do that. Not sure I want to spend an entire year or more with someone who has no concept of time and doesn't have a clue about my struggle to lose weight.




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Serena - Jenny Craig


@prayerfulprincess I am so sorry to hear about your experience in the center! Would you please send me a personal message with your contact information? I want to make sure we take care of this for you. 

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I will reach out to you when I arrive home this evening.


God bless!


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I had another weigh-in today and it was fantastic. Great conversation with my consultant and everything was done in a timely manner.


WhooHoo! Praise God!

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