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Breakfast item variety

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Cheesy beef enchilada




as I don’t eat beef but I am tempting to eat this dish. It looks delicious but can you bring a version in chicken. 

Some more variety such as baked chicken wings with plain rice. Chicken rolls baked. 

Chicken hot dogs with whole wheat bun. 


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If you don't eat beef are you able to switch some of the food with beef? My JC counselor said I was only able to switch 3 items. I do not like Beef Merlot and the Homestyle Beef Pot roast. I also did not like some of the shelf stable items. If I was only able to switch 3 I was forced to buy stuff I won't eat. Any suggestions?

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I have never been forced to purchase products I do not like. I don't like the same items you mentioned above. This week I swapped out six items because I do not like them. I would definitely address this with someone at JC.


God bless!


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Annamarie H - Jenny Craig


@Happilyretired Your Consultant will work with you to build a menu based off of the 28 planned days, and you can still have three subs!  Each day is a nutritional unit so this is why we allow you to build off of the 28 planned days if you can't eat certain things.  

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