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Members following our Classic program, on average, lose 1-2lbs per week. Typical weight loss on the Rapid Results program is 11.6 pounds in the first four weeks and 1-2 pounds per week thereafter.

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Finding Freedom in Following the Plan

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Week 4 | 2.6# lost, total at 11.6#

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Dagney the Undaunted


Hi Team!


I lost another 2.6#! 

I keep thinking I'm tricking the scale - except I wear the same clothes, I eat breakfast and lunch then stop eating/drinking at noon (for my 3pm weigh in), and while weight fluctuates - it doesn't fluctuate by more than 11 pounds! :)


Easter candy got me one day last week and then AGAIN today at the office. But I'm working from home tomorrow and getting re-focused and re-committed! I love to re-focus and re-commit. I've done it my whole life. BUT I'm finally re-focusing/re-committing the SAME DAY I wander off the plan, instead of waiting for the next Monday, the next 1st of the month, the next whatever. So I had some candies at work. But at dinner, I ate my JC meal, my big salad, and I skipped my snack (I sort of treated it like the candy HAD BEEN my snack. The cut-off eating time helps a lot with this as well. If I'm going to go nuts, it's likely to happen after dinner, after the kids are in bed, when I'm alone, that sort of thing. But since I have a 12 hour window, I have to stop by 7pm (though I've been trying to aim for 6pm... my kids are young, they don't mind an early dinner). I literally put a cookie to my lips, saw that it was 8pm, and stuck it back in the bag. I HAVE NEVER DONE THAT BEFORE!!! 


I talk to my 6 year old son a lot about "being strong on the the inside." He's obsessed with strength and speed - he wants to lift weights, he demonstrates his ability to lift heavy objects, it's a thing. So when we're struggling to tell the truth, or to share, or to use kind words - I remind him that these are feats of strength! You have to be really, really strong on the inside to tell the truth, etc. 

Well: I think I'M getting strong on the inside! And it's not at all like I anticipated. It's not like I'm suddenly strong enough to execute the perfect plan I've mapped out in the past - vegetarian or vegan eating, cutting out food groups, cutting out sugar completely, etc. I'm not doing those things. BUT I am strong enough to get back on plan after a slip-up, so that it IS just a slip up instead of a habit/addiction/way of life.

I was in a small group (like a Bible study - it's a church thing) a few weeks before I started the program, and we take time to pray and to listen for anything God might be saying. We're real flexible with it - like, instead of agonizing over "was that thought MY thought, or was that God's voice???" we say: just try. If you think you've got a word, share it. Then, others can say, "oh yes, that applies to me!" or not, and it's no pressure. Of course, if anything contradicted the Bible, we wouldn't be down, but otherwise, we just sort of have a "we're practicing" kind of idea. So we all get quiet, and the thing I think God is saying to me is: "no more 'end-of-days' eating". This is what my friends and I call that eating practice in which you are starting a diet tomorrow to you eat everything you can think of that sounds good today - a real binge. And I remember thinking, "I can do that. I can just do that." And so I did for a couple weeks, and then I joined Jenny Craig, and I really feel like I'm getting some honest-to-goodness TRACTION. 


This isn't just a 2 pound fluctuation. This isn't a 5 pound loss in one week that came right back the next week. 


11.6# is real. 4 weeks on the program - with SOME slip-ups, but NO binges - is real. 


Thank for reading!


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Sounds like good changes!  In the past I have did things like “well I’m eating out tonight so I don’t want to waste my money on JC foods for the rest of the meals”.  Now I stay on plan when I can and have been trying to make better restaurant choices (sometimes even successfully!). 

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