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Members following our Classic program, on average, lose 1-2lbs per week. Typical weight loss on the Rapid Results program is 11.6 pounds in the first four weeks and 1-2 pounds per week thereafter.

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I'm on my second week....did great week one lost 7 pounds!   In my second week I've remained at the same weight for five days....UGH!

Anyone have suggestions on how to start loosing again?  I'm 73 years old,  am eating just like my weekly menu tells me to eat.  Not cheating

on food doing just what I'm suppost to.....!  Would love to hear from anyone who maybe has had the same issue.


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Hi @20doitnow, I have been told that it isn't a "true plateau" unless you are the same weight for 3 weeks.  I know it is frustrating to not see the scale move (or for it to go up)  believe me, I KNOW!  Please remember that week 1 is going to be your best loss because a lot of it is water loss.  Are you able to incorporate any type of exercise?  Which plan are you on....Rapid Results or Classic?  Have you spoken to your JCC? Are you drinking all of your water?  Are you eating  foods that are high in sodium?  i.e.: pickles or olives?   Also if you don't have much to lose, it is harder and takes longer.  I wish you the best.


Keep posting here and reading, it helps a lot!  

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Thank you I appreciate your comments!   Yes it is frustrating when the scale stays the same...the good news is  it's not going up just at the same weight for 6 day now..ugh.

I'm doing the Rapid Results....following and sticking to the exact menu faithfully and drinking water...!   Hopefully I get out of STUCK mode soon!


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I had the same issue on RR and found that I was on too high of a calorie plan. They started me on 1500 calories and I lost 1.6 the first week and only 0.6 lbs the second (I initially weighed in at exactly the same amount, then I urinated and got back on the JC scale and it went down). It was horribly frustrating to me; even though I knew I had cheated one night, I knew I should have lost more weight. So my JCC bumped me down to 1200 in a desperate attempt to get me on the right path. When I went in for my week 3 weigh in, I ensured I had an empty bladder, then I went to the scale... 4.4 lbs lost!!! So talk to your JCC about your calorie plan, be sure to use the potty before your weigh in, and make sure your paper says RR on the top (my first one didn't that's why I only lost 1.6). 


Hope this helps! 

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