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It's almost the weekend, and I'm trying!

Staci Greene



I've been loving the supportive, uplifting community here for the past week or two since joining, and it feels like for every ounce of positivity I put out there, I get a pound back. Thank you! (And thank goodness a pound of positivity is NOT the same weight as a pound of fat, lol!)


I have to confess: I am struggling to have a positive attitude today. Unfortunately, yesterday and today my back and hip have been hurting more than usual, making it difficult to stand up or sit back down. Also, I've been encountering a few negative attitudes in my offline life that are just wearing me down. I haven't had all my mental resources available because they're getting used up keeping me distracted from my pain so I'm functional. 


Also, is it just me or is it PMSy in here, like to to the Nth degree? Oh, wait, that's just me! ARGH.


I'm working hard to focus on my victories. I think, by this time next week, I'll be squarely out of the 170's and into the 160's for the first time in a couple years! Also, I have a new body con dress I'll be wearing on Monday for my weigh-in (my consultant is great and always tells me my outfit looks nice and it really boosts my self-esteem, it's the little things, lol!). I have a matching scarf to wear with it, too. I get clothing via a service called Le Tote, that lets me try a handful of new outfits every month (one of those "keep what you love, send back what you don't" services), and this'll be another one of them. I'm not good at picking out clothes for myself, so this has been a really good service for me to try new things, and I really look forward to the 2 or 3 boxes I get per month.


Today, I am wearing my favorite shade of blue, and an aromatherapy necklace (there's a leather pad inside the locket that you can put a couple drops of essential oil onto and it wafts pleasantly). I've started my first week of The Artist's Way, a self-help book about creative discovery and nurturing your creative self. I GET LAVA CAKE FOR DESSERT TONIGHT! 


Keeping the good thoughts going, inch by inch as I make it through the day to get to the weekend! 




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Hi Staci!  You look amazing in that shade of blue!  I have thought about doing one of those monthly clothing services but I get nervous about everything not looking right and sending things back.  Is it as much of a pain as my brain thinks it will be?  sending things back I mean?    I do get a monthly "mono box" from a company called "I love Jewelry"...I get 3 items a month and one of the items is monogrammed.  I really like it.  I used to do "ipsy" but switched over a couple of months before Christmas.


I'm sorry you are having so many issue with pain.  I hate that.  As for the negativity, I have been there for a couple of weeks and I'm trying to fight my way out of it.  The past couple of days have been a little better.  What an amazing accomplishment you mentioned about being in the 160's!  I am so happy for you!  Those new decades are awesome!  I bet you won't stay in the 160's long and you will soon be in the 150's and feeling like Wonder Woman!  


Let's try to keep our confidence up and our motivation going, deal?  I plan to sit out in the sunshine today and read a book that I have had for months.  I have been putting off reading it because it is from my favorite author (Harlan Coben) and I know when I start reading his books I typically finish them the same day or the next day and then it is over.  I know it sounds silly, but it's like delayed gratification.  


I'm sending you good thoughts and good vibes!  I love that you posted a picture too!  I love putting a face with the people I'm chatting with! :) 

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@Yo_Momz thank you!! that lifted my spirits quite a bit. Regarding the clothing service: so, with Le Tote, it's actually really easy. So, with the plan I picked, with every box, I get 3 items of clothing and 2 accessories. The box comes with the prepaid return envelope enclosed and already set up. So, I can wear each item as much as I want, then put them back into the return envelope and, when I'm done, I send it back. The reason I love Le Tote specifically is, you pay a monthly subscription fee, but you aren't limited to just one Tote for the month - you can get as many as you're able to get through. The most I've managed is 4 in one month, being able to wear each piece of clothing/jewelry they send. If you like something, you keep it, and they charge you for it once they get your envelope back and see what you kept. The items are always discounted off of full retail, too. Now, our mail carrier is really spotty, so the only hassle to me is returning my envelope, but as long as you can get to a place where you can drop it in the mail (e.g. the blue boxes outside the post office, you don't even have to go in) or something to that effect, it's really hassle-free, in my experience! I've really enjoyed it, it's transformed my wardrobe and also made me a little bolder about stuff I'm willing to try.


I totally understand what you mean about reading! I have a hard time putting books down, too. I think that's also a thing about mystery/thriller kind of books - I get that way when I read JL Bryan, he has a book series called Ellie Jordan: Ghost Trapper that's about mysterious hauntings around Georgia, and whenever I start reading them, I can't stop til it's over! 


I just finished most of my obligations for today, so now I get to do another few pages in Artist's Way and relax a little more today! I might even let myself watch a little TV, I'm feeling indulgent!

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@Staci Greene I put that author and book title in my phone so I can look for it!  I love Mystery/Thrillers, which is why I love Harlan Coben!  I started his latest book "Stay Close" yesterday.  I hated to put it down to make dinner,  I will continue it today!  It is really good already.  


I looked at Le Tote for a a couple of minutes.  I will look at it more when I have the time to do some research (I research just about everything before I buy it!)  I feel like my body is so oddly shaped that nothing they send me would fit *sigh*....why do we do this to ourselves?  I absolutely hate clothes shopping and trying on clothes.  I think I saw that you can cancel anytime so it may be worth trying.  Thanks for the tip!

Hope you have a great Monday!

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@Staci Greene I use to love shopping and especially for clothes. Over the years I find myself not liking it. I have such a hard time finding things that fit me and look good plus are reasonably priced. One of the other things I've never understood about women's clothing is how everything fits differently even if it is the same size, brand, style, etc. It's so frustrating because you have to try on the same exact items just to make sure they fit the same when they should. It seems like men don't have this issue with their clothing. My husband doesn't like shopping but when he goes it's so easy for him. He goes in and finds a few things and gets them in different colors and then out the door.


I'm going to look into Le Tote and see if it would work for me. It sounds similar to another company that I've seen but can't remember the exact name of it. They do the exact things as this company. It seems to be very popular esp. for those don't like shopping or don't have the time. Like I said before and Yo_Momz said, my body is shaped odd and things don't fit me right. Thanks for the info!!

Have a great day and week ahead!!

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@Yo_Momz and @Susan C. I definitely understand re: clothes shopping, how the sizes are not standardized and things look a lot differently on real people versus mannequins. One of the things I like about Le Tote is, they take as much data as you can give them about your sizing, including your measurements, so they figure out what size you'll fit into in a given brand and you don't have to worry about it. I've gotten at least a dozen boxes from them so far, and they've only been wrong on one pair of pants that was too small (and even then, not by much... I was also bloated that week). Everything else has fit very well. Just something to consider! There are other services too - Gwynnie Bee and Dia&Co are two similar ones. The only thing I noticed there is that they only do 1 box a month, where Le Tote is "unlimited" (i.e. they'll send you as many as you can get through, as long as you keep sending them back whatever you don't want).


I admit it - I am a Le Tote fangirl, lol! I'll stop now, I just do really like the service. 

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@Staci Greene I've got to look Le Tote up and I think I may try them out. It sure sounds like a good deal to me. Glad you posted it on here. From what you said it sounds like they really know how to help with sizing, types of clothing, etc. to try and they send many options to try on. I like that a lot. I know the other ones that are similar don't send but 1 box a month or so which I think isn't that great. Sounds like a great service indeed!!

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