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Mah Pants Don't Fit!!

Staci Greene



Everyone. Is. Complaining. OMG. Today, I've had the two primary people in my life both texting me ALL MORNING upset and sad and angry about things. I'm trying hard to focus on an overdue work project, so juggling this is tough. ARRGH! So, I need to shake it off and I'm gonna do a little positivity!


1) MY PANTS DON'T FIT! This is the second day in a row they've been sliding right off of me, lol! So, I will be doing laundry tonight and cleaning up my two pretty sweater dresses that I have, so I can rock them on Thursday and Friday and show off my skinny self! The world is my runway!


2) Once I get this project done, I might get to go home early today! I've been really diligent about clearing out my paperwork the past couple days and taking care of "those nagging tasks." If I get this done before 1pm, and my client meeting at 1pm goes well, I might be on the road going home by 2pm! I plan to do a 30 minute bellydancing workout video, 30 minutes of cleaning and tidying up, and then I'm going to work on writing my novel for a couple hours, interruption-free! That way, when my dogs (and, oh yeah, "that guy I'm married to") get home at 5pm, I can spend time with them and watch a little TV, work on my Artist's Way chapter, and finish the book I'm currently reading. Oh, such a luxurious afternoon! I really hope I get to have it.


3) I had the cranberry chicken salad for lunch today, with a whole egg added for my fat serving. I'm REALLY finding that adding a sliced up egg to things is making them super tasty and filling for me! I usually have some olives or a handful of nuts for my other fat serving, but this egg once a day, thrown onto a sandwich or mixed into the salads, is just, yum, perfect!


4) Things are peaceful at the office today, the people I share the space with are all out and about, running errands, so I have the place to myself and I can sing along with my Google Home and stuff without bugging anybody!


OK, back to the grind!



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Love the blog post! Its so great t read YOUR positivity. It's like talking to a good girlfriend and getting inspired. So Thank you I think I will take your energy and plan my day as well. (see Blog Post) 

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Thanks @missbumble and @Yo_Momz it ended up being a good day overall, got a lot done and a lot edited on my novel. Bonus: the house was mostly clean when I got home, so there wasn't much to do except a little bit of laundry folding! So I GOT A NAP! It was fabulous!

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