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oddly guilt-free

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Staci Greene


OK, I have a confession.


I had restaurant food tonight. I shouldn't have, because I also had crab earlier this week and that was already a splurge.


But, I also am not feeling so guilty about it... because after I had my restaurant dinner, I went home and had my Jenny Craig dessert, and I already feel fine about having my JC food tomorrow... like, this was a blip on the path. And, when I inputted it into MFP, I found I'm only about 350 calories over for the day from where I should be (and only about 750 calories over for the week, out of what should be a 10,500 calorie week... I'm on the 1500 calorie plan). Plus, the scale has been kind to me this week (so far down 4 lbs, we'll see what the official verdict is tomorrow at weigh-in), and my workouts have been stellar, if I do say so myself. 


I want to keep on-track, but I also know that foregoing family dinners at a restaurant every single time would become a deprivation problem. So... I'm staying on-track at about a 91% compliance rate, and not feeling defeated that I'm not perfect (which, I am often a perfectionist, so this is a big deal for me). I need this diet to work for my life. That said, I am going to be firmer about not dining out this coming week (my week 4 starts tomorrow) since I had those couple of blips this week, just so I don't start letting myself "get away" with too much and start being self-defeating. 

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I think that is great.  This is real life.  You will eat out and you should enjoy time with your family.  If someone told me I could never eat out again, I would freak out!  I enjoy eating out.  I too ate out this weekend.  I am also ok with it.  Will it slow down my progress?  Maybe.  Am I ok with that?  yes.  In the grand scheme of things, we are both headed in the right direction and that is what it is all about. 

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