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Some Oopsies and Daisies

Staci Greene



So, my Oopsies for today: things have been pretty busy at the office, and when that happens, I lose track of time and don't eat when I'm supposed to. It's of particular concern right now because I have 3 real estate deals all happening at once (such transactions are kind of challenging in Illinois), so everything is time sensitive. So, if something is needed "now, now, now" there really isn't much time to eat until "later, later, later."


And that's how I ended up eating half of my lunch, and my afternoon snack, at about 3pm. I fortunately managed to sneak in my entree at 12pm, so I wasn't too bad, but I was definitely feeling pretty hungry by then!


My Daisies for today: I managed to make it allllllll the way downtown to Chicago City Hall today (it's over an hour in traffic) and got fingerprinted! ... No, I didn't commit a crime. It's a requirement for anyone wanting to volunteer with Chicago Animal Care & Control. One of my big goals in life is to have a facility where I can foster several animals at a time (which I'm actually close to attaining... but I'll go into that some other time). Chicago, being a bigger city, has a lot of animals in need, so I decided to focus my efforts with them. While this may not seem like much, the benefit of this is, I will be getting a lot of experience with different animals, who will present me with a variety of challenges. 


BUT, first I have to deal with "Crook County" (it's actually Cook County, but people who live around Chicago know how they really are) and their laborious intake process. The sad thing is, the process is very prohibitive, keeping more people from volunteering and depriving the shelter of helping hands. (While it does keep out dishonest folks who might not have the dogs' best interests at heart, it can also keep away a lot of well-meaning people, too).


1) You have to attend a volunteer orientation - they have them a couple times a month, so that's not a big deal.

2) You have to undergo a criminal background check - makes sense, you don't want anyone with animal cruelty history to be let in.

3) You have to get fingerprinted - and the only place to get fingerprinted is at Chicago City Hall, between the hours of 9am and 3pm, Monday through Friday. (...uh, really?)

4) After getting fingerprinted, there is a 4 to 6 WEEK processing time lag to get approved while they await the results of the fingerprinting!

5) Then, and only then, can you get trained. (training is not arduous, you come in and walk dogs with an experienced volunteer for a couple of sessions, after that, you can come in whenever you want)


So, for me, the hard part, finding time to get over and get fingerprinted, is done, and it's just a matter of time now. I just want to get in there and start walking the dogs and helping them! I will only be able to make it for a couple sessions a month, but it's something I desperately want to do, seeing all those dogs in need of time outside of their cages, some fresh air and a chance to stretch their legs. I can't wait until I can do more to help them, but for now, I'm focusing on the smaller victories that are building me up to where I want to be.


OK, not a lot of "weight loss" and stuff in this post, but, it's what I'm focused on right now and what's motivating me to stay in shape, I'll need those strong legs for exercising puppy dogs!


Also, these are my own lil' monsters, I love 'em to pieces. They are both girls. The Jack Russell Terrier is named Scout (she's a mischief maker and a tom boy) and the Lab-Chow mix is Taunie (she is the golden child who can do no wrong). 







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