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Plastic Surgery




Warning Controversial Posts - As I imagine some of you are against surgery....So you may want to skip this one....


Hi Guys - We' ll for years I have been thinking of getting plastic surgery on my breasts. After losing 100 lbs in Overeater's Anonymous I had a tummy tuck (abdomnioplasty) and thigh skin removed etc (lipectomy) but skipped the breasts. The Abdomen surgery tightened the muscle and removed a ton of excess skin. The thigh = left a pretty big scar, but also got rid of extra skin. I had tons of extra skin.....


So eventually I gained about 60 lbs (kept the 100 off for 10+ years..and then gained.. to August 13 or so 2016 when I decided to make a change. Jenny Craig .. and now Maintenance with a lot of JC frozen meals and some liberties. 


So I have decided to do a breast lift and augmentation.. The lift is key when you have lost a lot of weight and augmentation will round out the solution since they currently are like 1/4 filled ziploc bags with water.  This surgery will allow me to buy bras at any old store, find workout bras easier.... and go braless if I have the right outfit. So I can see the importance. 


So went in for a consult and said what else would you do. The Surgeon recommended a few things.. and got me thinking. I agreed with some, not all - and the prices were astonishing.. so going for 2nd and third opinions. So not jumping at this just yet. 


What did they suggest? 

1) Under eye baggy area lift - they are really think skinned, very wrinkly and droopy and make me look tired. So this is a local anesthesia operation and not huge. 

2) Breast implant and lift - Expensive. When younger people or fit people do this originally - some get away with just an implant. I need both. 

3) Retouching up the abdomnioplasty... basically will even get some of the skin drooping near thighs and my extra 2 inches or so of skin on stomach. But you know I  may not do that one - as so what if I have a muffin top.. It really is not bad

4) This is the huge one.... redo the thighs sort of by lifting everything up... hard to explain. But sounds major. So if you are very heavy lost a ton of skin... you know what's left (for me anyway) is tough to look at. That said I may just live with it... surgery sounds huge..... 


Bottom line - will likely do my eyes at some point and my breasts soon... once I find right doctor.    It will be interesting to see what the next doctor recommends. I was pretty open with saying I wanted to know their opinions. I am pretty sure I will stick with my wish list - which is I have always wanted to be able to fit into bras better etc. So I think the Breast lift/enhancement (BTW these will be small oranges not cantaloupes)



Th e doctor did say I could use some fat on my face.. gain a little weight? That's scary to hear. But at least if I do gain a little I can have comfort that it might make my face look better.... Anyway I don't want to let that thought get out of control a I want to stay at my 140 maintenance weight. It works!   My next blog will likely be about maintenance. As I am listening to the Half Size Me podcast and been thinking about it alot. 



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I know what you're saying about extra skin and things looking so droopy after you lose weight.  If you're like me it's really a combination of aging, where this skin gets looser anyway, and weight less, so the skin has been stretched and won't bounce back.  I hate looking at my thighs.  Whenever my husband and I do yoga, I usually moan when I'm bent over and looking right at them.


So, I had a breast lift and implants.  My kids were mortified.  I told them I wasn't looking to become a hot rod, I just wanted to restore this ol' '64 model.  That's what I did.  My breasts look pretty natural.  They are not huge and the lift is not especially tight.  I can go braless, although I don't.  When I had it done, I wasn't looking to attract a guy.  I already had my husband.  I am an active person who spends a lot of time in a swimsuit.  Mostly, I wanted to feel better in my swimsuit.


The worst part of the surgery is that I have a lot of numbness that never improved.  The plastic surgeon said women hardly ever experience this.  I know a couple other women who had the lift and both say they have permanent numbness.  There are also scars that don't go completely away.  I don't mind the scars.  Like I said, I already had my husband and he doesn't mind the scars.  No one else sees them.  But, one of my friends really hates her scars.  We had different plastic surgeons but we compared and we both have about the same scars.  I have to admit, if I knew I would have so much numbness, I might not have had the surgery done, but I'm not 100% sure about this.


Probably about 10 years ago I would have considered having more plastic surgery.  I don't feel the same way, now.  I'm done.  My face can get old and I'll live with my depressingly droopy thighs.  I can live with my extra layer on my belly as long as I'm healthy.  I earned all this.  Getting older is a privilege.  I guess my body and my face will just show off how lucky I am.  Lol.


Oh, as for having a thin face, I think that's just another part of aging.  Many years ago I heard Jennifer Aniston say women of a certain age have to choose between having a better body or a better face and that's exactly how I feel.  Those of us with thin faces to begin with probably have it even a little worse.  I'm not gonna worry about that one, either.

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Thanks @ChristiS great advice and insight... especially the thin face comment. I am a huge Jennifer Aniston Fan! I have numbness on my belly button form the Tummy Tuck. So I know that it may happen... Not a big deal to me (unfortunately).  Getting older is definitely a privilege! 


Anyway - I think I am going to go for more free consults. If you cant find a good price and great plastic surgeon in Boca I am not sure where you can. Its like wine in Napa Valley. 


OK ill keep  you guys posted!

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U[date - went to another dr consult. And I liked the Dr a lot better. Recommended form my mom's cancer doctor and he does a ton of reconstruction.  He was more realistic - and concentrated mainly on Breasts for me. Said the full bottom half lift or thigh lift - wont necessarily fix some of the extra skin. As Christy alluded to.. 


So the cost was also  a TON Lower. Expensive - yes, but 33 % less expensive than the first doctor. 


So I have almost said Yes - I have gone for the preop dr clearence. Tomorrow I get a Mammogram and Xray... and then I guess juts say yes and do this. I may get one more consult.. but maybe enough is enough  - trust my gut, trust my Mom's cancer doctor and he trusts this guy. Oh **** I may just do it. 



Next on to  pick out a size.... (Smalll -for the record) 


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Tricia - Happy to help you learn more whenever you would like. I have had abdomnioplasty and thigh surgery so can help inform.   Send me a message if you like - and we can have a call as well at any time.

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Sue, you have to do what's right for you. What anyone else says or thinks should not matter in the least.
Wishing you success with the surgery and hoping the results make you happy!

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Awesome!  I'm happy for you and your choice to do what makes you feel better.  Me?  I'm leery of any type of surgery.  I was in and out of hospitals during my childhood for various reasons and not too keen on going into surgery again.  But!  My dream has always been to remove the inside hanging skin on my thighs.  I thought about liposuction - apparently, there are various other ways to do this.  Exercise has been helping, and lots of lots of moisturizers.  But age will never help, being I'm closer to 60 than 50 now. 

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Hi there. I had lost 100+lbs off of my 5’2” frame and my skin was never elastic. I had stretch marks from my even my first small weight gain as a teen.


Anyway, one of the reasons I wanted to lose weight was to be more active but saggy excess skin and pancake boobs impeded my ability to be completely free. I started horseback riding and my excess skin looked a hot mess in breeches and sitting in a saddle, never mind my flapping in the wind arm skin. Ugh!


Over the past 2 years I’ve had a lower body lift, arm lift and breast lift w augmentation. My only regret is that I waited so long. I love the results. My scars are minimal. My arms are thin and muscular. I wear sleeveless tops and feel sexy. Bra shopping is a blast. My stomach is tight and flat. It’s AWESOME! 


I chose the best docs for each procedure. There are only a handful of surgeons who specialize in LBL for post major weight loss folks. There are surgeons who perform several a month vs a few a year. I travelled to Houston for the LBL doc. He is fabulous. 


The breast lift and augmentation is a complicated surgery as the aereola is fully removed and reattached. There can be blood flow issues when reattached , leading to necrotic tissue. Ask your surgeon about that.


Do your homework. Realself.com is an excellent resource. 

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@SnohflakeGreat info!! Its been 3 weeks since surgery and I am doing awesome. It was indeed a HUGE surgery (7 hours - with one waiting for right implants as he wanted a different size once all was said and done. He is a fantastic surgeon (specializes in breast reconstruction in nearby hospital and was highly recommended - also has a Med Spa. You make me think about the LBL... if  get to Houston might be worth talking to a specialist as the surgeons here said it would not really have the results I am looking for due to the 100+ weight loss (and a prior lipectomy or whatever you call the thigh plastic surgery after weight loss about 15 years ago).  But given your rave review. I will think about it over the next year.  Anyway, Thank you so much for your post - very helpful. I did read up on realself.com/ I am told I can resume my workouts in 3 more weeks - but for now am limited to walking outside .... which is fine. AS weight is staying off... and I go for walks every few days... not nearly as obsessed as I was with my exercise class. So will be getting back to that... but I guess I will go slow!

Many thanks!




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