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My Very Not Impossible Dream

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Binge Window Now Closed

Mar mariposa


I am going to have to figure out what I want to do about binging. It's a habit I have for the most part avoided in the last year or two. It comes on me out of the blue. Like for instance today I was so happy about my weigh in, both at home and at Jenny. Down 1.4. But I was almost blacking out at home. Not sure why. I didn't want to eat before my weigh in but I did have an Anytime bar to tide me over. Today I had ordered Planned Menu #1 and as I was going over it I noticed it included a Breakfast Chocolate Muffin. That is a very bad breakfast choice for me. So what do I do when I get home. I dive for that muffin. I even ate the paper. Ok next I want more chocolate so I have my snack early (10:30 am) -- Cookies and Cream Cake. Hmm. There's also the Breakfast Cinnamon Rolls and I could count them as today's Lunch, no? Done. Hmmm. Almost done with my binge. Almost. What else is there? How about the chocolate lava cake? Done. Ok let's go to MFP and look at the damage. If i add in the 7 oz Chardonnay I know I'm going to have (it's once a week wine Friday) it comes to 976. Ok. I will have JC Fish & Chips for dinner and a salad without dressing. That will bring me to 1216 plus salad. Ok it's just a smudge over the calorie threshold but probably screwed up my carbs and sugars big time. But I'm saying this is my plan and it's not even noon yet. Can I keep to this? 

Also, long term, I think I am going to have to forego the 10% planned menu discount and substitute any items like muffins, cinnamon rolls and sweet desserts for something not sweet because realistically is it worth about $20 a week to be tempted to binge like this? I don't think so.

Now the funny thing is our house is full of sweets, courtesy of my husband. But I have trained myself to bypass them or allow myself only the tiniest portion. I also never pick up treats when out shopping and neither am I tempted to get in the car or walk somewhere (we have a bakery at the end of our block and a frozen yogurt across the street) and buy a treat. So this latest binge is just a newer form of temptation which I need to strategize around.


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I do understand.... Totally give up the discount. Drink 8 glasses of water today to get filled up. Move on and you have let it go. I dont buy anytime bars anymore - since I binged on them.


Pick yourself up - and move on!!! You got this!! Add a big salad or veggie to dinner tonight!  And maybe a salad for lunch later





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(((Hugs)))) I know what you mean. For so long every time I either got weighed at dr or Jenny I would binge the whole day. It's taken me awhile but I've retrained myself. Maybe it's that TOM? Cravings...you know.   As Sue mentioned, drink a lot of water and it will fill you up and hopefully keep the sodium from building up and retaining.


Maybe, walk away from the kitchen....lol   sometimes I've had to do that.....and it really does help.


And then...when you think you want to eat something...come here and post instead.....hopefully that will help too.  Enjoy the rest of your day and evening and weekend!

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Amazingly enough I was down .2 today despite bad day yesterday. Maybe the piper will show up tomorrow expecting to be paid. I will do the water though. 


I smiled Theresa when I read your TOM idea. That was a long time ago. But it is true that success will throw me off. I have to watch out for that.

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On 11/17/2017 at 1:29 PM, Theresa69 said:

And then...when you think you want to eat something...come here and post instead


This has helped me to not binge.  Posting, blogging on JC, and adult paint-by-numbers kits I buy online.  I've been training myself to step away.  It is VERY hard, especially when you're home all day, but practice makes perfect!  Just don't beat yourself up about it.  Learn and move forward.  


My favorite snack is carrots and Cedar's Cucumber Garlic Dill Tzatziki.  I get it at the supermarket.  It's made with greek yogurt and only 30 cal for 2 tablespoons.  So, I put 2 tablespoons in a bowl with the carrots and munch away.  Yummy!


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