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Third Time's a Charm

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OK, I'm going to pat myself on the back



Yeah, I said it.  I'm giving myself a pat on the back.  I think us women need to do that every now and then.  We don't need other people to do it for us.  We need to make sure we're doing it to ourselves, right?  So, why am I giving myself a pat on the back?  Because I'm rockin' the JC vibe!  I got through a potentially destructive day:


I signed up to be a Polling Inspector in our NY general election this year.  On Tuesday, I arrived at 5:30 am and readied myself for a long day until 9:30 pm.  I actually thought ahead.  I packed all my JC non-frozen foods for the day because I just didn't want to be caught off guard.  Into my backpack went the cranberry/almond barscotti, the chicken salad meal, the fiesta chicken & rice; a JC chocolate shake, a low-fat mozzerella cheese stick, an apple and ranch snaps.  Plus two large containers of coffee and a bottle of water.


I should explain that, in the past, I would NEVER do this.  It would be my excuse to go off plan.  It's going to be a long day and I need the sustenance, right?  How could I let all the lil' ole ladies down when they brought in the baked goods, candies and meals for us as we're working away? 


Mindset change:  I GOT THIS.  I didn't have a single baked good, donut, candy, potato chip (my weakness).  I didn't even have the roast pork dinner the church was having for the voters, although I did give a donation in lieu of a meal.  Nope!  I told them I had goals to meet.  I wanted to stay on track, especially during this holiday season.  Oh they tried, believe me.  They came so close as to even trying to put a donut next to my lips.  (WTH!)  No thanks, I said.  I walked away and went into the bathroom to get away from them for a bit, go potty, and to regroup.  What is wrong with people?  and why do they think that's funny??  I felt like I was being pressured by a drug dealer!  Yeah .... sugar drug dealer. UGH!  I let it go and didn't dwell on what just happened.


When the dinner came in from the church for the other inspectors, I had a brief moment of regret that I didn't get my own plate.  The food smelled really good.  I mean, really, really good!  But I breathed in through my nose, counted to 10, and pulled out my JC Chicken & Rice meal.  I went into the kitchen and heated it up.  And I ate it.


Was it as good as their meal probably tasted (and they did have to let me know how good it tasted)?  Not really - I didn't doctor it up in my usual way with more veges.  But it worked.  I have goals... I'm going to do this.  I focused on the voters coming in.  I checked them in and did all 3 of our jobs while they ate their meal.  Anything to keep me busy as the potato chip bag was opened and the smell was wafting through the room, along with roast pork in alot of gravy.  I so wanted a potato chip, but we all know one leads to a whole bag - at least for me - and then complete regret.


They ate their chips; I crunched on my ranch snaps.  No worries.  As the day went on, I felt stronger.  As the day turned into night, I became more invincible.  OMG!  I said to myself.  I'M ACTUALLY DOING THIS!  


The night ended and I was so proud of myself - and amazed at who I am becoming.  


The takeaway from this?  STAY STRONG SISTER!  And pat yourself on the back every now and then.  You deserve it.  :)





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This is so great!  I am so proud of you and I am even more proud that you are patting yourself on the back!  I am too!  We should all do this from time to time.  


I am also with you on why do people have to be so rude when it comes to food?  Why would someone put a donut up to your mouth?  Do people not realize how horrible that is?  I mean, would they put alcohol up to an alcoholics lips?  Oh and my favorites line, "one won't kill you".  Whether that is one piece  of bacon, one piece of cake, one piece of candy,  pie, fried chicken...etc.  If I say no thank you, people should respect that!


Congratulations on an amazing day!  Great job!!

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