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Third Time's a Charm

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Get Real: Forget Those Rose-Colored Glasses



Previously, I preferred to look at the world through rose-colored glasses.  "All will be ok and I will be fine."  Well, since we're all here together, you can see where that got me.


I've been on a journey.  To find myself and move forward...with myself...regardless of what is in my way.  It's been a journey that started about 5 years ago.  I had many life situations that happened around me, affecting me, but not about me.  I tried to help, nuture, parent, be a good daughter, be a good friend, excel in my job, help finance people's problems. I did this while trying to complete my college degree.  It was the first big thing in my life that I've accomplished.  I am the only person in my immediate family to complete college.  Then all went downhill and I finally hit a wall.  Everything I thought was good was not.  Everything I thought I could fix, could not be fixed.  I made a decision then to stop looking at the world through rose-colored glasses.  


So now, I'm calling myself a newbie realist.  This comes to me now because I FINALLY stopped looking at my weight loss through those rose-colored glasses.  I stopped thinking that eating more than one item off plan was going to be ok.  It's not going to be ok if I want to get to goal.  I also stopped thinking that if I don't do some sort of exercise, I'll still lose weight when I get closer to goal.  Am I near goal now - HECK NO!  But I now realize if I don't start something now, I won't get into a groove, making it an every-day occurrence later in my journey.  I also made a commitment to get to the real goal - not a goal that I feel is ok because I can't envision me weighing less.  So... not 30 pounds less - the real goal is 75 pounds less and I'M GOING TO GET THERE.


I also realize that I'm not going to lose 75 pounds overnight.  I'm over 55 and it's most likely going to go slow.  Bummer.  But it's real.  I've realized that I can't do this alone, but I really don't have have much home support.  Bummer again.  But it's real.  Life is real.  I will have to deal with this the rest of my life.  It's not a "get thin quick" program for me.  It's a "make it stick" program.  My consultant is amazing.  I lean on her when I have to.  She's given me so much help and information.  I also lean on reading the blogs and forums.  


This was never something I did - documenting my feelings or writing down what I ate.  I'm actually shocked I'm doing it!  But I am doing it.  Hands up for the Realist!



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My paws are up )or wings) for the realist, You got this. great attitude -and I ma right there with you. A year ago (Aug 13) i stated and am here in Maintenance where you will be one year from now... So it's a nice long journey - and now for me it continues.


So you will have a great year - every decade on the scale is ahmazing. Every drop in size is indeed celebratory,

It is truly awesome becoming the healthier person you know you can be,


Agree on exercise. Loved the walking/running for weight loss app on my phone. Got me started! Looking forward to sharing your journey wit you.





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