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Third Time's a Charm

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Captain's Log - Beginning my Journey



So... here I am.  I'm not new to this.  In fact, I probably could become a weight loss consultant myself!   This is my third time being back at Jenny Craig. If anything, I'm consistent at returning.  But why am I here ... again?  


Well, if you're like me, you've tried everything and anything on the planet to lose weight and keep it off.  You would get so far- seem "ok" with your success; stop the program and then gain it all back.... and sometimes gain more weight than when you last started.  You've been so desperate at times, you were willing to sacrifice everything just to lose the weight you've always wanted.  


Perhaps, like me, you've never been thin.  You can't imagine ever being thin .... but you want to be there....thin, healthy, happy, active.  Perhaps, like me, you've resigned yourself to always being a "big gal/guy."  Perhaps, like me, you've become mad, annoyed, angry (or hangry) saying to yourself - "WHY AM I TRYING TO CONFORM TO WHAT OTHER PEOPLE WANT? I think I'm healthy - so what if I'm overweight?  I'm trying to love myself for who I am. I think I look sexy.  My clothes look just fine on me."   You become resentful of the weight loss people trying to give you rules and making you follow a program.  You hate yourself because you've gotten to this point.  You stop following the program.  You lie to your consultant and say it's all good, then quit.  You tell yourself you can do it on your own.  


Ok.  Who am I kidding?  I know I'll never be happy until I reach my goal.  It's unfinished business for me. It has been for more than 30 years. Today, I'm more than 60 pounds overweight.  This IS a challenge.  This IS hard, at times.   I know can all do it, but not initially on my own.  I need to lean on other like-minded people, like my consultant and JC threads to get through the initial phase.  I need to recognize that, right now, I don't have the wherewithal to do it myself.  Which is why I all got smart and came back to Jenny Craig for the third time.  I know it works.  I just need to get to the finish line.  


Check back with me in a few weeks.  I want to make sure I remember I wrote this after my first week of "Third Time's a Charm."  I'm hopeful that I'll keep up this momentum.


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Hey there! Welcome back to Jenny. I would come back to the forum - DAILY> Make this time different - and lets do this together. I had 60 pounds to lose.. and of course tried everything including jenny a bazillian times. I am 54 and Jenny is working. So I know where you are at - and Ill be here as you go through your journey.


Its not over for me - I wish I could magically not want to overeat.. This is the best I have done in a very long time - and I work at it. But it is so much easier than it wa... and being thin (Size 6) is sooooo amazing. (OK being a 14 was amazing too!!!!! ) just  getting the pounds to start coming off.. and being active. I just bought a racquet ball racquet -  hoping to do that in Atlanta during the week as i travel. (IN additon to my gym class at Orange Theory in the morning). So being active is fun (And hard) and  you  are on your way.


Hey Skinny!! You got this!!  1 Year ago I was just sarting out.. 1 year from now we will both be thin!!!!


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I can so relate to this blog.  I have been overweight for the last 20 plus years.  Sometimes I feel like I will never see a normal weight number again, and then I return to the forum, and these blogs, and am inspired all over again!  I’ve lost 19 so far, and another 45 to go.  Ounce by ounce, I tell myself!  You can do this, FINALLYonmyway!!!!!

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