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Travelling with Jenny - Time to take it back a notch



OK So these past two weeks I have been staying at a hotel in Atlanta and eating out for most meals (though they have Publix and Whole Foods... so I did not have to) . Also Drinking wine (a couple of glasses) each night. Net net weigh in this morning - I will be up a pound or three. People say the eating comes form stress- I think it also is insecurity, So surrounded by really bright stars from my company on ,my new project doing something I am not the worlds leading expert in (go figure). creating Decks on information I need to glean - and do not know.... and comparing my self to others.. recipe for uncomfortable feelings. Last night on the plane I ate a bunch - so just acting out like a kid. And that was after a very successful client meeting.


Anyway I talked to my Mom about it... and decided to write down my food. Limit the drinking (No drinking the next 2 weeks) etc. ON my way to JC in a few... so need to plan this out.


@Crayola64always gets me - and said cereal may be a trigger. I think I don't handle lactose well too. So going to put the brakes on that, Make my meals less exciting


Breakfasts - Concierge Lounge or Cafeteria at client.

2 hard boiled eggs (instead of scrambled - where I never know if I took too much and always want more)

Bowl of fresh fruit - how bout using the small lbowl.. cup size gives it boundaries


Snack: Water, water

Snack Yogurt

Lunch JC Chicken Salad Kit and salsd (no onions or broccoli) and Skinny girl dressing - no croutons(Obviously) no chick peas, no Parmesan. Just straight veggies

Snack - Water, water rice cake with PB2, Anytime Bar  or Apple, Anytime Bar

Dinner - Whole Foods, Salmon, Veggie, Couscous or brown rice - something not too high in calories (no salda - as I am overdoing the quantity and my body rebels)

Try not to do meal out if I am by myself and not needed for work event

Dessert - Smores Bar






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I'm here if you want to. talk. I know about insecurities, I have them daily. No matter what the scale says you have done marvelously and a pound or two doesn't make a fail. Just makes us human. Love ya

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Sue, you have done great and I know you are committed to continue on the healthy path.  It is so hard to find a balance, isn’t it?  I admire you for your self-reflection and honesty.  I know all too well the struggles with insecurity…..please reach out if you want to chat.  I agree with Theresa above—we are only human!  And I feel so fortunate to have you on this journey with me.

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You can do this as long as you can get back on track PDQ!  Reread all the wonderful advice you have posted for others!!!!

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Sounds like you have a good plan. Traveling is a huge trigger for eating for many of us and you have the extra stress of work and the hurricane. Not drinking is always a good start! Lots of protein, whole grains, fruit and veggies and you'll be fine. The chickpeas you're giving up are pretty healthy, 1/4 cup in a salad is filling. Whole fresh foods is a good way to go. You do so much exercise and need fuel. Hopefully the stress will lesson and it will get easier. Your company wouldn't have you there if you weren't one of their stars! 

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If you run out of JC chicken salad kits Costco has a good one that is made with Greek yogurt, cranberries and almonds. It's in the refrigerated area 140 calories. Would be good with whole grain crackers or as a sandwich or just a salad. 

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5 hours ago, Susieaz said:

If you run out of JC chicken salad kits Costco has a good one that is made with Greek yogurt, cranberries and almonds. It's in the refrigerated area 140 calories. Would be good with whole grain crackers or as a sandwich or just a salad. 

I LOVE that salad at Costco!  I haven’t bought it in a while……thanks for reminding me!!

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15 minutes ago, Theresa69 said:

I don't have a Costco near me but have Sams club so will check theirs 

Easy to make too. Chopped chicken breast, onion, celery, grapes instead of cranberries (less sugar and fresh) chopped almonds or walnuts. I like to use 1/2 low fat Mayo and 1/2 Nonfat plain Greek yogurt. Spices of choice and yum! Some recipes I've seen use canned chicken breast, I've never bought the canned but it would make it easy. I have rotisserie chicken from Costco now and will make this for my lunch today.

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That's a lot of stress.  I don't do well in hotels.  Tend to stay in and eat alone.  Focus on you!!  You had a great client meeting.  You are doing a good job.  Don't worry about everyone else.   Write down why you're eating-that helps me.  And get ready for the next time those feelings come-plan out a response/reaction.  And stay off the scale if you're using it to beat yourself up.   Relax!!  We all screw up.


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