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Sue's Muffin Review




OK So they were ok - by no means were the muffins (see prior blog entry) the same as Jordan Marsh Muffins circa 1970 (and 250 calories each, according to the recipe I posted in My Fitness Pal. I made the recipe using Emily Bites muffin recipes - based with oatmeal. I swapped out the sugar for Truvia baking Blend and they landed at about 80 calories.  I took 2 frozen muffins out of freezer into fridge last night, popped them in micro for about a minute and had them with coffee. A lite breakfast - and t's weigh in day. So that was good. they tasted a bit like oatmeal and not at all like Jordan Marsh's Blueberry muffins. (http://www.cooks.com/recipe/lk2p15t8/jordan-marsh-blueberry-muffins.html) So growing up in Boston those were a big to do!


My go to breakfast (I am a quantity eater) Is 4 egg whites (196 grams) for the container - cooking spray, 1 tbsp parmesan (or try nutritional yeast maybe next time) and butter spray on the Lite Thomas muffin... and my 2 oatmeal bite muffins were just 1) small and 2) sort of dietetic....


Here's the thing - I bet I could have a nice smallish 250 calorie muffin and still have said where's the rest of breakfast? so my vote is for the eggs. But I have 5 more servings in freezer and will have them when I want warm muffins and coffee


Had i followed her recipe to a T and used light brown sugar - no doubt they would have been a lot tastier. But maybe I don't need them to be too exciting and scrumptious. I have a food addiction - and I let it out of the cage during me meals... and I have chocolate lava cake for dessert - maybe it's good not to go too overboard at breakfast and stick to less exciting food.. hmmm.. but well to me a huge omelette is exciting.


Anyhow - that's enough contemplation for one day - off to get weighed in and look for a dress to wow them on my next business trip. Ah the thin life!










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Those "muffin" are baked oatmeal, not cakey muffins. I make different variety of muffins all in the 80  -150 calorie range. All whole grain, healthy and tasty. If you want any recipes let me know. Thiscweek I made zucchini chocolate chip at 89  calories each and pineapple carrot wheat bran muffins at 98 calories. I freeze them, also have the blueberry bran muffins at 100 calories in the freezer. I also want protein for breakfast, so have eggs or Greek yogurt most days. Except for the Kodiak cake/waffle days, but they are also high protein. 

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 Hi Susie! Ok maybe I could try blueberry bean muffins..eventually thank u so much! I'll buy the right sweetener too.. then did not have low gold in my Whole Foods.. but I'll find it! 


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I forgot to mention that the Zucchini chocolate chip muffins are from Emily Bites. You can use sugar, I watch my added sugar intake for health reasons.

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Sue, I too am an egg girl for breakfast.  Bring on the protein!! Sorry the muffins were a bust.  I cannot tolerate the taste of artificial sweetener; I’d rather go without than be forced to eat it!

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I have to provide an update! I had these muffins....defrosted and warmed in oven with tinfoil. Ate them with coffee...they were really good!! 


So they got better and a little crunchy on edges! 

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Hey Sue - Just try them with the brown sugar!  It's only 1/3 of a cup divided by 8 ...... so not that much per serving!!  You might like them better - :D

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