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Today I am a BadA$$




So every day I discard, giveaway or put in the upstairs closets outfits that are too big. It's an adventure. So after my workout class - I basically am likely in for the day... Anyway I felt like I was putting on a costume. 1) wear clothes that are just so small.... 2) wear eye liner etc..  mean I am at home today literally working at computer. So anyway - with no further ado.. I bring you BadA$$ sue with a message of peace. Oh and today I am in solidarity with @Crayola64we are not eating mindlessly between our meals.. no extra veggies for me.... no snacking endlessly - today it is planned and it will happen - I will get to eat! Just not while cooking my meals.  So I dressed up today and will have fun looking like  a thin person.. who knows maybe Mr right will come to my door? Or i will be meet him somewhere?




And lets put this in perspective of where I have been.... High School ( Boarding School - all girls) graduation picture... A sad sad day - who tells a severely overweight kid to wear white?? that is actually cruel. Maybe I should write a letter to the school...





sue alone prep.jpg



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Sue, you are a BadA$$ in the best of ways! Keep looking good and feeling good; it will keep us on plan and on track!  It is difficult to look at old photos and see where we’ve been but it’s so inspiring to see where we are or are headed now.  You give a lot of hope to others who are struggling with their weight, myself included!!  {{{hugs to you}}}


And Mr. Right?  I bet he’s going to show up soon!!  He’d better have as many wonderful attributes as you do!  When I was single, I dated Mr. First Love, Mr. Liar, spent years with Mr. Can’t Commit, and finally met (and married) Mr. Right!  It will happen for you!!


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Omg!! Sue, you look marvelous! Even though I don't think you were that overweight in the photo you are one hot mama now!!! Awesomeness!!

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