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Sue Wore A Dress



So one of my favorite stores is Dress Barn... I grew up in a family that would only shop in Bloomingdales.. so this is quite a controversial move.. but I just love the dresses and clothes that I think thin people wear!!! I have a pair of their Signature Fit shorts on now :)


So I picked out a ridiculous dress, in a ridiculous size... and wore it to see my client in Houston yesterday.   So without further ado....


ue in polkadots.jpg


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You look beautiful! Love the dress. I'm always wearing dark or solid tops and always black slacks. Haven't worn a dress since my wedding and then wore it to my nephews wedding. 


It showed all my rolls. Lol you have to feel pumped. Good job! 

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Love anything polka dot! You and the dress are sooooo cute! I don't wear dresses much anymore, being the old retired lady! But I just found a casual one and bought it any way. Now where to wear it? Az is pretty casual so I will just have to start a new trend!  I also just got a black and white polka dot cross body bag that I love. Wish we had a dress barn here, will have to check it out online.

I was raised to be a Bloomingdale girl too but it didn't take!

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2 hours ago, Susieaz said:

Now you are in that category of "skinny girls we still have to like because they are nice"!

Lol!! It will be our turn too eventually. You before me!

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Cute dress, Sue, and I love your happy attitude!  Can’t wait for the day I can buy “standard” sizes again. with a much better selection!

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Pam in Georgia


Yay! All of your hard work, and here to stand. I am so glad you are relishing it and sharing with others. It helps us remember why we're doing this. :)

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