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Medusa and Me

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It's a waste of time

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Pam in Georgia


Medusa- So why are you even doing this?  You know the cycle will continue, the fall will come and you'll be super-busy and you'll stop taking care of yourself- here will come the Stouffer's Dinners, the extra glasses of wine, and the 12 hour days will yield no time for exercise.


Me- I know. I'll do better this year.


Medusa- You say that every year. And every year you get caught up in the fear and it rules your world.


Me- You know, Medusa- YOU have a lot to do with creating that fear! You will not be quiet!  Like right now....


Medusa- I'm just trying to make sure you don't waste your time. Your family can't even go out anymore because of your "new diet." Remember the vegetarian phase where you'd wink and tell the family that we're having "meat" balls for dinner?  Or your low-carb phase, another wink while you tell the family we're having "pasta" for dinner?


Me- Yeah, that is kind of fun.  Remember that time I made "algae meatballs" and didn't tell them until after dinner?  ha.

But here's the deal, Medusa. All I can do is take care of me now. All I can do is be here now, be healthy now, live my best life now. I just want to feel comfortable in my skin. I'm not comfortable in my skin right now. You need to chill out, take a nap, do something with yourself and leave me alone. I have gotten better each fall, and this year I'm determined that work is not going to take over this time.  So go away.  



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Medusa lives at my house too. Let’s together continue to battle her!!  Like slaying a dragon; they keep rearing their ugly heads!!

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I really enjoyed reading both of your posts here.  I look forward to your continued putting Medusa in her place.  

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